Thursday, November 17, 2016

Table of Contents, Set to Kill

This isn't as amusing as the Honor at Stake list of titles, but it's funny in context..

Chapter 1: The Return
Sean Ryan has been out of circulation for a while. And now there will be hell to pay.

Chapter 2: More Questions

Chapter 3: Here we go again
Another convention, another show.

Chapter 4: Kick the Puppies
Meeting the Puppy Punters

Chapter 5: Middle Earth Puppies
The Elf. Heh heh heh.

Chapter 6: Tearful Puppies Save the Orphans
Do I need to comment?

Chapter 7: No Such thing as a free ticket
Someone thinks she's getting into WyvernCon for free

Chapter 8: Minions of the Puppy Punters

Chapter 9: Leveling Tokyo
Bad Gozilla, No building.

Chapter 10: SWATting Shiva
You can groan. It's ok.

Chapter 11: Target Practice

Chapter 12: His Dead Body
Yes, someone said it.

Chapter 13: Magic
A discussion at a convention

Chapter 14: Snipe Hunt
Snipers versus bodyguard

Chapter 15: Research

Chapter 16:Fine Dining
THE banquet

Chapter 17: Publisher, Perished
Guess who the victim is

Chapter 18: Death of an Idiot
Cryomancer has her day

Chapter 19: Passion of the Puppy Punter

Chapter 20: Back in the Real World

Chapter 21: Parade Death March
UNLEASH.... Tom Knighton

Chapter 22: Set the Stage

Chapter 23: The Thin Man Effect
The Solution

Chapter 24: Hoodwinked
Sean AP Ryan outwits a killer

Chapter 25: The Screaming
It's all over but

Chapter 26: The Last Dance
Sean AP Ryan finds out who's been after him, and how to get him to stop.

Preorder the book, it comes out on Monday.

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