Saturday, November 12, 2016

Trump this

The following have been posted on my Facebook, and they've been so well received, I felt I should make sure to post it a little more publicly.

Yes, today I am political. Less because I like Trump and more because I am disgusted with the hatred. I refuse to be lectured on "peace," "tolerance" and "embracing differences" by people who are wrecking cities and beating people in the street. We already have one fatality THAT I KNOW OF, and that was of a passerby just trying to avoid the bozos in the street.

For all of you SJW cowards who are living in terror of conservatives now that Trump has won, I submit that you should look at the history of the past 8 years, and note that conservatives never once rioted. Note that states that went Obama now went Trump, and yet you call THEM bigots, as your fellow liberals indulge in an orgy of violence in the streets.

But YOU'RE the "party of peace."

Either drop the label, or acknowledge that it's nothing more than a pathetic attempt at Orwellian labeling, like "Ministry of Peace."

If you will kindly stop being violent morons, I can go back to selling my latest novel, Murphy's Law of Vampires. Or, you can act out my other books in The Pius Trilogy.

Either way, I have work to do. Perhaps you should consider doing the same.


Dear libtards,

Donald Trump is not Hitler. Nor is he a racist. He is especially not anti-gay / trans / etc, He never addressed those. Stop being idiots about it.

Burning down property in riots the same week as the anniversary of Kristallnacht is irony that none of you seem to be able to grasp.

Melania Trump is not a trophy wife -- they've been married 10 years. (Edited from 20, because my memory is shot)

Stephen Colbert is not a real reporter.

Michael Moore makes fake documentaries

Azealia Banks has the right idea

Mike Pence is not controversial, except that he's more like a RINO.

Glad we had this talk.

You may continue your riot. Please, show everyone how you never deserved power, you should never be allowed to have power, and you should die in obscurity. You're the reason Hillary lost, and the reason your party will continue to lose.

And yes, I've heard that the Klu Klux Klan wants to have a resurgence.

They DO remember that

1) Obama's still here?
2) That for the last 20 years, they have a march, the counter protest is quadruple their output?
3) That the local black police officers tend to be the ones protecting them?
4) That the KKK is a Democrat institution and Trump's a republican?
5) That Trump's daughter is Jewish?
So, racist AND stupid.

Just remember, to the liberal, "Their violence is speech. Your speech is violence."

And now that you're here,  please consider purchasing Murphy's Law of Vampires, sequel to the Dragon Award nominated novel for best horror , Honor at Stake

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