Thursday, December 1, 2016

Changes to the Blog

If you look around the blog, you may have noticed a few new additions to what I have going on here.

For example, the most obvious is the sign up for the mailing list popup every time you come to the page. If you have pop-up blocker, obviously you have not seen it. But it's there. The mailing list will include advanced warnings of bargains, free short stories, materials you won't see anywhere else.  You know how Costco has books with exclusives?  [EG: Brad Thor's?] Same thing.  Only the mailing list will get them.

Also, if you will look to your right, there is a handy sidebar from advertising my novels. However, if you open it by clicking on the image, you will see that it is not just my books I am suggesting for purchase. There is a recommended list. There is a sad puppies list. Obviously, all of these lists will grow periodically. If you shop at the Amazon store here, you will in part be supporting me. And, of course, you will be getting good books-- not just my own.

There is also a blog roll on the right-- this is in part a list for the Silver Empire people I hang with, as well as some friends.

I am also redoing the tabs up top. in fact,  I should probably add onto them even more than I have.

In particular, there are gift sets of my books for sale.  I will autograph them and mail them to you. Even  if it's the complete set. These books come to me with a discount, and they will come to you with a discount. buying the whole set from me is about $80 or so. The complete paperback from is closer to $120. Not a bad deal.

Stuff is afoot. More to come.

More to come sooner if you sign up for the mailing list. Hint. Hint

Also, if you haven't already, check out some of the books below.

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