Sunday, December 4, 2016

I'll sleep when I'm dead

I really don't feel like posting anything right now, for several reasons. For one, I'm busy working myself to death over a space opera series that I want to submit to ... various and sundry people who shall remain nameless.

I'm also working on book 3 of the Love at First Bite series, Live and Let Bite, which will be my own personal preference for the Dragon Award in 2017. Seriously, if you thought Honor at Stake was that good, I will submit that this will blow book one out of the water.

Think I'm bluffing? You're obviously new here. Heh.

... Anyway, you might want to finish Murphy's Law of Vampires before then.

In other news, it briefly looked like Sarah Hoyt had a heart attack. She didn't, for the record, but she seems dead set on having one before the year's out, so we'll see what happens, shall we? Don't believe me? Go through the last six years of her blog at random. My money is that you'll come across a post with her and medical problems every six posts. At a guess. She's charge of Sad Puppies 5, so we'll see if she survives that. Granted, I suspect she will, even if her fans have to tie her down and make her relax once a week.

Yes, I know, I have a heart of gold, don't I?

... No, I don't.

I have a cap on working myself to death: March.

The schedule looks like this.

October: Codename: UnSub
November: Murphy's Law of Vampires and Set to Kill
December: It's Christmas ... time to sell books like they're going out of style.
January: Build up for Live and Let Bite. That's when the sample chapters will happen on the blog. Also, submit the damn space opera.
February: Live and Let Bite will hit stores. Hard.
March: Pass out.
April: Wake up. Start campaigning for the Dragon award. And RavenCon ... maybe
May: Finish book 4 ...Edit A Pius Man for Silver Empire.
June: Publish book 4, and maybe A Pius Man.
July: LibertyCon, if they will let me play as a guest again. Bang the drum for the Dragon award and A Pius Man.
August: Vote in the Dragon Awards. Probably edit A Pius Legacy for Silver Empire.
September: DragonCon. Rejection or acceptance of January submission. If the former, I start handing out review copies, and get to work on publishing them.
October: Start promoting the reissue of A Pius Legacy.  Probably.

....No. Not like I"m busy or anything.

This is, of course, while I'm doing daily blogs, a weekly radio show, a monthly podcast with the Superversive SF roundtable, a mailing list--

Did I mention I have a mailing list? I do. Please sign up for it, so it could make my life slightly easier. Thanks ever so much.

--and on top of that I have the gig over at The Catholic Geeks blog.

Wonder where the Hugos fit in with all of that? They don't. Yes, Set to Kill is hilarious, and should be Best Related in the Hugos. I think it's even better than Sad Puppies Bite Back, but I'm not delusional. I'm not going to waste my time with them, unless I really think I have a shot at winning. And I won't know about that one way or another for months.

Wait, what was that? You want more of Kevin Anderson after Codename: UnSub? I'm so sorry, but my coauthor has had second thoughts about even releasing that. So place the odds of there being a sequel at 100 to 1 against.

Anyway, you know at the end of this, I'm going to ask you to at least look at some of my books. So ... if you haven't already, check out some of the books below. I really do need to eat.

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