Friday, December 23, 2016

JD Cowan's Review for Murphy's Law of Vampires

This is a review I didn't see coming. 

Okay, I did see it coming, after a fashion. I was aware that JD Cowan had the novel. And he had reviewed Honor at Stake.

So, yes, I knew there would be a review.  I just didn't quite expect this review.

And I was definitely looking forward to his review. Not only did Mr. Cowan review book 1 (see above), but he's also been named one of Castalia House blog's Top 15 book bloggers of 2016.

So, yeah, There were a few reasons to look forward to this.

But, yikes, I did not expect ... well ... this.

And you have to love the post's header: "The Most Apt Title Ever ~ A review of "Murphy's Law of Vampires" by Declan Finn."

For example
[Finn is ] an author as fearless with his stories as he is with genres. He writes comedy thrillers, speculative swatting, and horror romance tales, all with the same energy and spirit as one would take a torch to a vampire. And there isn't a lick of subversion to be found in any of them.
I'm ... fearless? I'm confused, though I don't know about fearless. I just thought these were ideas that were really good, and if no one else was going to, I would.
Mr. Finn does not beat around the bush.
....Okay, that's true enough.
avoiding that annoying trope of trilogies where the second book is superfluous and is merely treading water to the final book.
On the one hand, it's going to be a quartet.

On the other hand ... to be honest, I was worried that Murphy's would be a lot like what Cowan describes.

Terry Brooks' book on writing is entitled, Sometimes the Magic Works.  Sometimes it works, even when the writers are worried it doesn't.

What, me? Neurotic?

.... I'm a writer, of course I'm a little odd at times. I make my living off of the conversations I have with people in my head. Heh.
Marco and Amanda, are a strange pair .... their interactions and burgeoning romance [are] far more interesting to watch than when things blow up. And that's saying a lot coming from me.
I'm always so happy when things like this work out.
Stories with no genre boundaries are fascinating to me in proving the universality of certain truths, particularly in love and heroism. The Love at First Bite series effortlessly combines romance, horror, thriller, fantasy, comedy, and science fiction, in a way that feels organic and exciting. They are all one and the same, just as they were always meant to be.

But most importantly: it's fun. If you are looking for something a bit different than stale vampire fiction and perverted romance stories where there's more sex than plot then you should really check out the Love at First Bite series. There is nothing like it out there.

And Obviously, I haven't posted the entire review here. But go check it out on his blog. I was blown away.

Merry Christmas, y'all.


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