Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Launch Party, for Live and Let Bite

So, yes, this is happening.

Live and Let Bite, my primary suggestion for the Dragon Award  in 2017, will come out at midnight on January 29th: ie: the 30th.

And, I'm having a launch party on Facebook. Sign up here.

While I'm at it, I should probably mention that as part of the event, I'm going to give away ARCs of Live and Let Bite, starting January 6th.  All you have to do is 1) join the launch party. I'll take "Might be going" as participation enough. 2) Have reviewed Honor at Stake and Murphy's Law of Vampires.  That's it. And let's face it, neither of them is a very long book, and most people polish off one of these books in the course of a weekend, so I figure that about 9 days isn't that bad.

"But wait, that's not really fair. Those people who've already read and reviewed the books have an unfair advantage."  Yes. That's right. However, don't worry about it, because I'm going to do the exact same thing for January 13th.

The launch party details are still in progress, but again, click on the above link, and at least sign up for some interesting prizes.


And ... here are the other books.


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