Wednesday, January 18, 2017

A quick word of thanks

This has been an odd month, stuffed with crap I'm not equipped to handle.

Anyway, for their polite assistance / aid / comfort / advice / and generally being polite during a time where I really needed it, I would like to thank my publisher, Russell Newquist; my cover artist, Dawn Witzke; Jason Bieber; my friend, Alfred Genesson; my friend, Margot St. Aubin; and my friend Tom Knighton as well as Amanda Fuesting and Patrick Richardson.  All of you were refreshingly calm and reasonable.

I'd also like to thank ... whoever runs Cirsova Magazine's handle on Twitter, for not knowing me from a hole in the wall, and providing a rational point of view. At least in my immediate vicinity.

Also, I'd like to thank JD Cowan, for the best, most well-timed review I've had in a while. 

If I've missed you, my apologies. It's been an odd few days.

Yeah, that's about it.  I still have my book launch on January 30. So if you're interested in Live and Let Bite, it's coming.

And ..... yeah. sorry. I'm turning in now. I had planned to do -- believe it or not -- a post of the I-Thou relationships of Martin Buber. But I'm done for the day.

Be well all.

If you haven't read book one and two in the series, they're available below.

And if you have, now's a great time to review them.


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