Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Live and Let Bite, Best Horror at the Dragon Awards

In 2017, I'm going to be getting one of these.

Nice, huh? They look nifty, right?

Here, let's pull back a bit.

Yeah, I'm pretty much going to lay my cards on the table and say this is going to win the second annual Dragon Awards in 2017.

This is not actually a boast. It's just logical.

No, seriously. Follow me around the windmills of my mind.

Live and Let Bite is everything you loved in Honor At Stake and Murphy's Law of Vampires, and then doubles down.

There were a lot of people who liked the romance in Honor At Stake. Oh, we have that. Beta readers read one of the chapters in Bite about six times.

Did you like the bad guy in Murphy's Law of Vampires? Remember how some people had an issue in Honor At Stake, with the bad guy being too easy? I fixed that with Mister Day in Murphy's. Now, we have a supernatural assassin with a whole deck up her sleeve. Remember the film Underworld? Yeah, they're pansies in comparison to what I'm going to do.

The premise?
Merlin “Merle” Kraft has been fighting the darkness for months. He left San Francisco in the capable hands of Marco Catalano and his anti-vampire team to defend them against vampires. With a special operators at his command, Kraft has been killing every vampire he can find in the Middle East. After clearing out a nest in Tora Bora, he is finally brought back to New York, and the investigation that led him to vampires in the first place.
Marco is starting to spiral. He knows it. His team knows it. Everyone around him can see that he’s just a bomb waiting to explode. The only woman who can bring him back from the brink might be the only woman who can bring him back from the edge is also the woman who lit his fuse. 
Ever since the demon Asmodeus tried to murder Marco, Amanda Colt has been hunting down every lead to find the one ultimately behind the attempt. After months of investigation, she learns that something in the dark is colder than the dark. It is a vampire assassin that Amanda has faced once before, and Amanda lost. This assassin is stronger than anything they’ve face before, and it isn’t alone.
With Marco ready to self-destruct, and the armies of Hell ready to descend, the three of them must come together and stop a thousand-year-old assassin that has has never been stopped, and has never failed to kill her target. 

"Over the top violence"?  Heh. Oh yeah. Covered.

At the end of the day, there's a reason I think this is the Dragon Award winner, even though Murphy's Law of Vampires is also is also eligible. This has everything of Honor At Stake and Murphy's Law of Vampires, adds more to it ...

And it has one more advantage over the first two: Resolution.

Yes, resolution.

Now, it's not the end of the series. As it is, there is at least one more novel for the main story arc, and a few other novels I have rolling around in the back of my brain. But let's say that the continuing cliffhangers of Honor At Stake and Murphy's Law of Vampires are resolved, with another, different type of cliffhanger this time.

I also blow up three buildings, and shoot up two more.

And I don't do graveyards this time.

And oh, yeah, there's also the daisy cutter in act one.

If you thought the first two were fun, then brace for impact.

So, I've got everything that everyone enjoyed in book 1 and 2, and then compress it all together.

Logically, I should take Best Horror.

But, then again, let's see if I can get anyone to hear about the book.


Yeah, considering how shy I am, you'd never guess, huh?

Anyway, the book is en route, and the excerpts start, on the blog, this Monday, January 9th.

You can nominate here.

Might want to buy and read Honor At Stake and Murphy's Law of Vampires before the excerpts becomes spoilers.


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  1. Live an let bite double down? So both fangs, right? Well I am part of your fang club.


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