Friday, January 27, 2017

Live and Let Bite, Table of Contents

So, Live and Let Bite is out next Monday.

And here are the chapter titles.

Chapter 1: Love Bites
Given how Murphy's ended, you can guess how this is.

Chapter 2: Bite Me
Merle's new job.

Chapter 3: Suckers
Amanda decides it's time to see Marco.

Chapter 4: Live and Let Bite
We covered this chapter

Chapter 5: Blue Blood
Covered this one

Chapter 6: In Cold Blood
Covered this one.

Chapter 7: Spytalk
More spy stuff

Chapter 8: Getting Back Together
Amanda and Marco come together.

Chapter 9: Passion Play
Things come to a head.

Chapter 10: Shot in the Dark
Merle makes a new friend

Chapter 11: Danse MacabreMarco makes even more friends.

Chapter 12: Terror By Night
We meet the enemy

Chapter 13: FalloutThe enemy is not us.

Chapter 14: The Most Dangerous GameGuess who that is.

Chapter 15: Strike of the Minions
I make Renfield look like a piker.

Chapter 16: Angels of December

Chapter 17: Bullets Over Grant Street
Remember what I said about minions before? Heh heh heh.

Chapter 18: Battle of Brooklyn
They try to strike Marco where it hurts.

Chapter 19: My Minion Can Beat Up Your Minion
It strikes back.
Chapter 20: Great Balls of Fire

Chapter 21: Bloody Details

Chapter 22: A Theory of Everything
We start tying things together

Chapter 23: Complications
Not over yet.

Epilogue: Cry Havoc
This means war.

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