Thursday, January 12, 2017

Miseason Review: Legends of Tomorrow, and Invasion!

This one may be shorter than I thought.

On the one hand, this show has improved since last season. Last season, the writing was so uneven, some episodes were great, and some felt like they were a failed writing class.

This season needed more focus. They've wandered all over the place, and they needed more direction with where they were going.

Also, there is a slight problem with the lack of Captain Hunter this year. I understand it's because actor Arthur Darville is busy elsewhere. But really, we needed a steadier hand at the helm sooner. Sarah Lance as Captain is awesome, but the crew needs work.

I was also disappointed that Stargirl happened, then the Shade happened on the Flash. Both were elements of James Robinson's Starman run, and I think they shut the door on that ever happening.

Anyway, I'll be sticking with this show, mostly because their midseason finale revealed that, yes, they do know where they're going, and have finally hinted at the plans of the villains. Also, they keep having cameos by Snart, and promise to bring him back.

Right now, their strength this season is by reusing bad guys, and in a way that makes it reasonable to bring them back. Granted, the time travel bit is getting a little confusing (Wait, you killed a guy because you're going to fight in constantly in his future ... but if you kill him now, why should he ever run into you ever again? Huh? WATCH SOME DOCTOR WHO.)

The best part of this series, and perhaps any of the Berlantiverse this year, has been the massive four-way crossover.

Yes, I'll review that now. Because why not?

The Supergirl part was the weakest of them all, for several reasons: one, it's Supergirl. Two, you could have skipped it and just gone to The Flash.

... But that was a massive misstep. That episode of Supergirl had a bioweapon that could target and destroy any alien that wasn't from Krypton. The smart move would have been to bring that back to the main Arrowverse and just kill the aliens. But they didn't. And thus the episode was as irrelevant as the show is. Maybe they figured there was no overlap between the Supergirl and The Flash audience.

The Flash episode ... could have been better. They came up with a contrived way to make everyone pissed off at Barry. Granted, the scenes between Oliver and Barry that produced was fun, but that's it. They went through a lot of contrived loops to make it so that Barry and Oliver were isolated, so they could do an -- admittedly awesome -- hero v hero sequence.

The Arrow episode was a good 100th .... just didn't really do much for the story arc

And their episode for Legends was pretty darn good.

But 2.5 good episodes out of 4? Not a good batting average.

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