Saturday, January 14, 2017

Music blog Vater Unser (E Nomine)

Some things sound cooler in German. Even the Our Father. And, yes, this is the Our Father in German. Go with it. Trust me, what have you got to lose. I even hope to use this for a trailer at some point. The visuals are from a video game called Kingdom Hearts. The song is from a group called E Nomine.

The song is called Vater Unser ... Our Father.

Subtle, huh?

Yes, this was put on the blog 5 years ago. It's not there anymore, the original YouTube Video was pulled.

Anyway, awesome music.

I only heard about this piece, and this band, because of John Ringo. Shocking, huh?

But the new year is almost upon us. so time to ring it in right.

And, while I think about it?

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