Saturday, January 28, 2017

Music Blog: Winterborn

"Winterborn," by the Cruxshadows. I never know what to do with this band. They are nominally "Goth,"  but they tend to use a lot of classical imagery. I first encountered from in a John Ringo novel called Ghost.(A book I will talk about at a later date, with a few cautionary notes ... it's not that bad, but there is one section that should carry a warning label)  I had no idea what the song was about, so I looked it up on YouTube.

This one stuck with me enough that I titled a book after it. So that should tell you something.

In this case, the visuals are taken from the video game "Halo 2."

And, yes, it did inspire some elements of Codename: Winterborn

And if you haven't read book 1 and 2, we can fix that. 

If you have, please, review them.


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