Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Playlist for Live and Let Bite

Apparently, music playlists are popular.

I mean, heck, John Ringo has them. Why not me?

Yes, I know. Ringo usually just lists his listening playlists in a chapter by chapter breakdown in the back of his books.

However, Ringo doesn't have a blog he needs to fill with content, so work with me people.

For, for our first entry ... you could have Marco's theme harkening back to the final revelation of Honor at Stake.

But, in this case, after the end of Murphy's Law of Vampires, Marco has not heard back from Amanda for months.

And now, in Live and Let Bite, he can only assume what that means, and he doesn't assume anything good.

And as you saw in the other excerpt from chapter 4, Marco is ... cranky.

Amanda comes to San Francisco to find Marco, and possibly protect him.

As we saw in the other excerpt, she finds him .... a little different than she remembers.

This next one works on various levels ... up to and including Merle's chapter, and another chapter later on called -- wait for it -- A Theory of Everything.

Enter ... A theory of everything.

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