Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Rumors Bargains and Lies

Yes, I stole the title from Babylon 5. I'm due.

I'm going to start by thanking File 770 yesterday. Or at least one of its readers, who goes by the name Migly. When I put in the disclaimer yesterday, I mentioned File 770 commenters who harassed me in my email. Which happened. Migly found that strange and pointed out that no one on the File 770 website mentioned me until Mad Genius Club mentioned me first.

Which was nice. No one had told me I had appeared at MGC.  Sadly, I still don't have the time to read it. So, no, I won't be addressing it, since I want to keep this one short.

It has been interesting, though, that I've had an entire alternate biography show up in the past 12 hours that I never knew I had.

Apparently, I'm a sexual deviant who will sleep with anything....

Because, you know, looking like this means I get all the chicks.

.... All of the color blind chicks....

No, let's just stick with all of the literally blind chicks.

This was the one where I laughed my ass off for ten minutes. Really, ten minutes. It was wonderful. It was joyous. It was insane.

I've had lots of rumors on me over the years. Some of them, at least, are based on reality. Am I nuts? There's an argument that can be made for that. Am I violent? Only in my rhetoric. Or if I need to defend myself.

But this? This is such total, complete, and utter BS I can't really even begin to describe it.

And that's when I laughed off all the rest as well. Because they were just as deranged to anyone who talks to me for five minutes. This one? this was the rumor that saved me an awful lot of time. I spent most of Tuesday stressing out over what "people will think."

You know how stressed I was yesterday? I didn't even know how stressed I was until I saw this

Yup. You read that right. JD Cowan is back, and he's got another review of another one of my novels. And I'm really kinda blown away by how much better this book sounds than when I wrote it. He actually makes me think I could win an award ... any award, really.

I will only excerpt some parts. I really want you to read this one. And if I highlight every part I liked, I'd just copy and past the whole thing.
What you're in for is a story filled with action, mystery, and more than a bit of comedy....

If there is one thing Mr. Finn excels at (there are a few) then it would have to be the action scenes. I'm hard-pressed to think of an author with so many details in their action scenes. Everything flows, the events are described clearly and fit together, and they are usually quite surprising. And funny....

This is a hard book to really nail down. Would it be correct to call it something like if Dashiell Hammett wrote an episode of Murder, She Wrote thinking it was a sequel to Commando? I'm just not sure. If you enjoyed the previous book in this series, It Was Only On Stun!, then you should enjoy this one more. Whatever it is, Set To Kill accomplishes exactly what it sets out to do.

Should you read this book? Only if you like wanton destruction and humor popping up in strange places. And, really, why wouldn't you like those things?

I can't wait to read the sequel. Surely by then Sean Ryan will have enough of a handle on the con experience to run his own. I could just imagine.

Yeah, this is a really good day.

Anyway, if you liked what you read and want to click on the book, here you go, it's below

And if you've read these, a review would be nice. Thanks.



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