Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Top ten blogs of January 2017

The first year has started, and I've stopped posting everything relentlessly online, and I'm only down to 18,000 readers a month on the blog. That's not a bad take overall.

What made it on the blog? What was the most popular thing?


My suggestion page, for books. Yes, these are some books I'd highly recommend from last year. It's also my begging letter for people to remind me what came out last year.

Fisking the Six Foot Blivet

I'm not too surprised at this. I did take a few swings at a punching bag who wanted to go after Brian Niemeier.

The Catholic Geek: Hugos and Werecougars 01/08

....No. I have no reason for this to be any more or less popular than any of my other shows or blogs.

Rumors Bargains and Lies

I addressed some really silly rumors aimed in my direction, mostly the one that was the most insane. However, the most important part is the review by JD Cowan.

Midseason Berlantiverse Review: Arrow

.... Yeah. I have no idea why this was so popular.

Midseason Review: Quick Hits

Or this. Maybe people are really just looking for opinions on current TV shows.

The Light at the End of the Tunnel

The blog where I hoped that things would slow down. They have a little, but the month of February hasn't started as I write these words.


I'm surprised it's not higher up on the list. Though Jeffro Johnson credits this, in part, for the sales shooting up on Appendix N. I hope he's right.

Live and Let Bite, Best Horror at the Dragon Award...

This is my logical argument for why I'm going to bring home a Dragon Award this year.
.... Why, yes, I am delusional, why do you ask?

Music Blog: Dragonforce, Through the Fire and the Flames...
You know why this one made it. Because it's DRAGONFORCE.

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