Thursday, February 9, 2017

Baycon, Extra Crispy

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Jon Del Arroz
I'm used to having rumors thrown at me. Not the first time. Won't be the last.  I'm easy. Use me as a punching bag. Declare me the bad guy. Declare an easy victory. Big deal. I'll live.

Author Jon Del Arroz is an acquaintance of mine. We say hello to each other on posts. He seems to be a fan of my blog, if not my books. I'd go so far to consider him friendly, if not a friend.

I don't have many friends.

I have fewer fans.

Touch them, and I break you f**king fingers off, one by one, and shove them up your @$$.

You see, Del Arroz has been a long-time supporter of his local convention scene. He's been on panels even before he was published. He's been doing this for a decade.

And now he's been blackballed from one of his home conventions, Baycon, dedicated to supporting the local authors.

What crime did he commit? What terrible sin?

Baycon is for the Bay Area. As in San Francisco.

Del Arroz is a Trump supporter.

See the problem?

And people wonder why I have no love for San Francisco. It is such a perfect example of left-wing, moonbat policies run amok, where politics chokes, strangles, and suffocates anything that disagrees with the general atmosphere of hate and disdain, even when it claws its way out through the marijuana haze.

Ah, Baycon, you blithering dolts. You inept, ham-fisted bumbling idiots. I've seen stupid before, but this takes the cake. Blackballing someone for their political views? Couldn't you have at least come up with a slightly more plausible reason? Fake something?

Then again, given the current rash of polite and civil discourse sweeping the country -- you know, like rioting at Berkeley because they dislike the gay Brit who likes Trump -- I'm surprised they didn't cite safety concerns. Maybe he would start a riot just by the negativity of his aura, or whatever other new age hippie crap they're preaching these days in the church of San Francisco Neo-pagans.

And yes, yes, I know, Del Arroz lives in the San Francisco area. What else did he expect? Well, I live in New York City, so shut up. We're still more civil here ... thus far, anyway. Give it time, we'll get there eventually.

Personally, I'm surprised that Del Arroz has ever had that much time and energy invested in Baycon, given how they're slanted. An SFF con with panels like “Combating Creationism,” “Climate Change Scenarios,” or “Diversity and Women” sounds boring, especially when the panels that might be saner actually star folks like David Gerrold, The Ever Living. "ranting about evil conservatives and hijacking innocuous topics. Looking at the Twitter feed of this year’s guest of honor, 95% of his posts are political attacks, so we can expect more of the same."

And then, oh, and then, there was this BS.
What’s lacking is energetic talks about fun of Science Fiction. Ironically, when I first came to the scene, organizers saw my name as Hispanic and knowing little about me, placed me on programming that amounted to an hour and a half of complaining about how hard it is for minorities in fiction. 



Yup, there are those kind, gentle, loving lefties again, slapping labels on anything that's a slightly darker shade than white, and promptly ghettoizing them to only speak about being a minority.

Funny enough, Baycon has apparently been losing attendance year after year .... while doubling down on their politics, year after year.

I mean, even Marvel's failing book sales have finally made them call into question their Social Justice Whining.

Perhaps -- just a suggestion, mind you -- Baycon might want to focus on being ... what is that f-word?  Oh, yes, FUN.

But, no, just like everything else they touch, SJW douchebags have decided that they have their stranglehold on something, and they've latched on, and they're going to continue their parasitic leeching until the desiccated corpse turns to dust at their feet, and then move on, searching for other prey. You know, like they're doing with WorldCon and its falling attendance rate, until a certain movement propped up their failing numbers for a few years.

And, as Del Arroz pointed out, attendance at other local, non-political cons are going up, while the political ones just can't understand why they're losing people and money. Hey, I know, let's have another panel on gender identity, that'll bring them in.


Anyway, buy his book, or spread his story, or do both. Bastards like Baycon think they can get away with crap like this without repercussions.

Illegitimi non carborundum.

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  1. Sorry but what evidence do you have that he is specifically being targeted for being a Trump supporter? You don't cite any concrete evidence, and it seems like they changed their programming policies this year and were moving some regulars off to make way for new folk.

    1. Actually, I keep linking to his post, so that any evidence he cites, he gets the clicks for. I figure it's just polite that way.

      Though can you and I at least agree it's suspicious looking that he works the local con circuit for ten years, then suddenly gets cut?

      Granted, I think it would also be less suspicious if your internet handle didn't go to the Baycon homepage upon clicking.

      Also, pro-tip: your answer boils down to "prove it," which is usually a line given to the guilty party in a police procedural. You might want to reframe it for future reference. Just a thought.

    2. And there's an update. Hope this works for you.


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