Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Convention Schedule

Apparently, they'll let just about anyone be a professional at DragonCon these days.

Even me.

Yup. I am finally allowed to attend DragonCon as one of the pros.  Who knew?  Be then again, I'll be joined by Marina Fontaine, author of Chasing Freedom, who is also a guest. Cool, huh?

However, while I think about it, I will also be attending LibertyCon 30.

And, in April, I'm also a guest at Raven Con.

.... Yes, I know I did this exactly backwards, but bare with me.

RavenCon -- Weekend of April 30, Williamsburg, VA

LibertyCon -- Weekend of July 1, Chattanooga, TN

DragonCon-- the long weekend of Labor Day, Atlanta, GA.

All I need now is to see if my local con, I-Con, will have me, and I can actually do four cons this year as a professional.

Who knew? I've faked it long enough that I can be mistaken for a professional. Huh.

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