Friday, February 17, 2017

Kairos: Sensitivity Readers

Kairos: Sensitivity Readers: Presenting reason number 1,864.979 to abandon the sinking tradpub ship and self-publish: "Sensitivity Readers"

Yeah. So that happened. Read Brian's post above for the full story.

Traditional publishing doesn't seem to have enough troubles right now.  Rising prices on hardcopy books? Overpriced Kindle books? Going toe to toe with a million little Davids chipping away at Goliath? Brick and mortar stores slowly disappearing? Signing on a whole bunch of pro-Clinton, anti-Trump books last year, expecting Trump to lose?

Nah. That's nowhere near ENOUGH! Now, in an effort to hurry along their own demise, they're hiring people whose JOB DESCRIPTION is to be actual gatekeepers.

Wow. I'm blown away at the depth and breadth of their mistake here. It's insane. Who does this? They've just told EVERYONE that only the PC will be accepted. Because "OMG, we can't offend ANYBODY."

Hi. I'm Catholic. My existence offends someone. Suck it up.

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