Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Making the rounds

I'm not so much lazy this week as I am busy. Silver Empire got back to me with edits for A Pius Man ... actually, they got back to me with them a month ago, but Gmail decided to play games.

Thankfully, more and more people are interested in my lately, and I've made some appearances on their sites.

Bokerah Brumley, who was a guest on the radio show a while back, invited me to do a guest blog.

Book Horde also had me do a guest blog.

And I did an author interview

Oh, and I'm posting on the Superversive SF blog!

And in other news ... I've been suggested for a book of the year. Yes. Really. Both Brian Niemeier and JD Cowan nominated Murphy's Law ofVampires for the 2016 Planetary Award .... I don't even know what that award is, and I'm blown away by the fact that these two enjoyed Murphy's that much. This isn't bad for a novel that I thought would suffer from that "annoying trope of trilogies where the second book is superfluous and is merely treading water to the final book" -- when Mr. Cowan deliberately noted in his review that I had completely and utterly avoided that trope, I was flooded with so much relief, it's hard to describe. I'm flattered, admired, and so blown away, I have to pull out this meme again.

So, yeah, I'm going the rounds apparently.

Not bad for someone with a failing book business, is it? Heh.

Speaking of business ....

If you haven't already, check out some of the books below.

And if you have, please leave a review.



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