Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Another Year Shot to Hell

Yes, today's my Birthday.

Another year shot to Hell.

No, really, it's been an interesting 12 months.

I don't really wonder who I am, though. I'm Declan Finn. I'm quite happy being Declan Finn.

But looking at my life? No, I don't want "money" -- I want my books to bring in a modest salary, enough to move me out of New York, and perhaps drop me somewhere off in the Midwest. I want just enough fame to get me to that point -- but I'd rather have no one be able to ID me on the street if I can avoid it. Preferably not even people I know. I don't even care who knows my name ... but that's another joke.

What really matters? Who have I touched? More than a few. I'm responsible for at least one married couple. I've encouraged someone to start a business that they're perfectly happy with. And a few people have been given joy by my novels. I'm good with that.

Who do I want to be before I die? Just me. Everyone else is taken.

Though if you'd like to give me a birthday present that's free .... vote for me in the Dragon Awards? Or CLFA BOTY? Leave a review on a book? Buy one you haven't read yet? Any or all of the above? I'm not picky. I'm also easy to shop for.  Heh.

If you haven't already, check out some of the books below.

And if you have, please leave a review.



  1. Happy birthday, Declan. You've certainly influenced me for the better.

  2. Wouldn't leaving New York by definition save you money in the long run? ;)

  3. Noooo, don't leave New York! Someone needs to hold the fort. Besides, I like seeing you at the meetups.

    Happy Birthday, and thanks for all your help and support last year :)


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