Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Awards Season has begun

I few weeks ago, I gave my first suggestion about the Dragon Awards.  I'll be doing an update on that one shortly, because I have more thoughts on the matter, and more candidates -- and in some cases, fewer. I've gotten around to reading some of the books I hadn't gotten to when I first wrote it, and I'll be removing them from the list for suggestions.

But 2016 is over, leaving us again with new awards, from different sources. And the deadline for nominating in the Dragons are still several months off.

I may have mentioned the Planetary Awards. They're assembled by book bloggers, and I was nominated by Brian Niemeier for Murphy's Law of Vampires. You can look up the laws for how to vote for the Planetary Awards on their website, right here.

The deadline for voting is April 30th. You have plenty of time to catch up on the seven novels, assuming you haven't read any of them already. And there's also seven short stories. It shouldn't be that difficult to catch up.

So that's one.

And, much to my own surprise, I made the CLFA book awards.... twice.
Murphy's Law of Vampires, by me
Set to Kill, by me
Domino, by Kira Heavy
Souldancer (Soul Cycle Book 2), by Brian Niemeier
Brings the Lightning (The Ames Archives Book 1), by Peter Grant
Discovery, by Karina Fabian
Chasing Freedom, Marina Fontaine
Grunge, by John RingoIron Chamber of Memory, by JCW
By the Hands of Men, Book Three: The Wrath of a Righteous Man (Volume 3), by Roy Griffis
If you want more data on how this was compiled together ... it was mostly a matter of voting within the Facebook group, and coming up with finalists, and then voting on who got the most votes so we can end up with the top ten list from there. You'll be happy to know that my two novels were not even given a single vote by me.

And, as you can tell, these are all pretty solid stories. I'm told that Peter Grant is quite amazing; Domino is basically Animal Farm, just with cats; Souldancer is the Dragon Award winner; and Roy .... okay, I don't actually know anything about this one. But I can't read everything. The rest of the links in the list above have been reviewed by me, on the blog, so you can get them out.

... Okay, I haven't reviewed my own books, obviously, because that's just tacky.

This one has less time to vote on, as voting closes at the end of March. So if you're all caught up on these, click here and vote now. If you haven't ... read fast? I guess?

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  1. Peter Grant is amazing. I've read a lot of his stuff and he really is good. I love his scifi and even though I'm not really into westerns, I'll eventually check his out.
    There is a bunch of other reading I should do and get caught up on, but after a hard day in the word mines, sometimes the last thing I want to do is read.
    I do need to find a new hobby to unwind, I'm getting too old to street race motorcycles anymore, and my other hobby (writing) has become my job. Strange that.


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