Wednesday, March 1, 2017

I am Finn’s Firebrand

Shawn Hoge Remfrey is today's guest blogger with this fun tribute. I'm sure we can all relate. 

Finn's – of or belonging to Finn
Firebrand – someone who promotes radical change, a burning piece of wood

I am a possession.  Not only that, I’m on fire.  *cue music*

I am part of Finn’s crew, his posse.  That’s how we roll.  Alright, that sounded lame even to me.

The fact is, I don’t even remember how I became a Firebrand.  I’m pretty sure Declan bought me somewhere.  Probably an antique store shoved in the back under the old books.   Hopefully he kept the receipt, just in case he needs to return me.

Being a Firebrand comes with lots of perks.

I know more about AR-15s than any of the kids on my block.  Not only that, I’ve gotten to have several dreams where I take out vampires with a Hello Kitty decorated gun.

I get to relive my Babylon 5 joy.  I’d forgotten how much I wanted a bed just like Delenn’s.  I still want one, but I haven’t gotten around to finding someone to build it for me yet.  You’d think she’d have a lot more swelling in her feet than she did.

I get behind the scenes footage as Finn prepares his books.  I get updates on where he’s going to be and when so that I can properly stalk him.

I have a front row seat to Finn’s sense of humor.  It’s witty and dry and cracks me up.  I’m still laughing over Rumors Bargains & Lies from January.

Being a Firebrand opens me up to the possibility of intelligent debate.  I don’t normally join in. Perhaps I’m not intelligent.  Perhaps I just haven’t found the right debate subject yet.

Being a Firebrand is a lot like being a Wonder Twin, except there are more of us.  Firebrand powers…activate!  Form of…

ummm...a Vatican ninja? 😁 If you want to get in know, join Finn's Firebrands on Facebook or sign up for Declan's mailing list. get free goodies in the mailing list. 

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