Friday, April 21, 2017

The Legend of Zelda - Tina Guo

Remember when I said that I wasn't going to call Tina Guo Lindsey Stirling of the cello?

It would be easier if she wasn't shooting for the job.

She did Skyrim (like Stirling), Zelda (like Stirling) and as I looked down her playlist, one of her videos is a Lindsey Stirling original piece -- complete with dancers.

But does anyone care? Her music if god, her sound and arrangements are just different enough that makes it listenable.  And wow, I can just watch her play for a while. She has a great smile. Also, she's one of the few young people these days who doesn't look 12 to my eyes.

Damn, I'm getting old.

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Thursday, April 20, 2017

Marvel's Nick Spencer Works for Hydra

You know, I was relatively certain that Marvel comics couldn't get any worse. When they made Captain America himself an Agent of Hydra, they first said,
This is not a clone, not an imposter, not mind control, not someone else acting through Steve. This really is Steve Rogers, Captain America himself.
It's really, truly honestly not a gimmick. Honest. 

The current author, Nick Spencer, revealed himself to be a troll, and hated conservatives -- to no one's surprise -- and is probably antisemitic, as he makes the creation of two Jews into a Nazi.

Within the month, it was spun back the other way. Nope, a sapient Cosmic Cube with a will of its own has rewritten history.  In short, Marvel and Spencer lied to our faces, and called us stupid if we said that he was full of crap.

But now, wait, IT GETS BETTER.

Because now, they've started yet another SUPER DUPER MEGA COMIC BOOK EVENT, wherein they have decided that, once more, Captain America was always a Nazi. 


In fact, not only was Steve Rogers always a Nazis, Rogers had actually FORGOTTEN he was a Hydra Agent. The Sapient Cosmic Cube? The super powered doohickey that can rewrite reality? It only reverted Steve Rogers BACK to being an Agent of Hydra...

Uh huh.

Let's get this right: Captain America was always a Nazi agent, but reality had been rewritten so that Captain America wouldn't know that he was working for Hydra. But now, reality has just been rewritten BACK so that Captain America was now, and always has been, a Hydra Agent.

Well ... that was stupid.

We are also back to insisting that this will always and forever be the Truth of Captain America.

Uh huh. 


Seriously, no. Marvel Comics, as a publisher of comic books, is done. Finished. Doomed. Obviously, they think their audience is too stupid to live. But I don't even think 12 year olds are going to put up with this bull -- or believe it. Because of course Steve Rogers will become the good guy again. Why? Because he's one of their lead IPs. You don't burn that bridge.

Okay, they can burn that bridge, but only until Disney comes back, smacks them around, and explains that the comics must continue in order for Disney to keep the film rights.

But it's too late. Marvel comics is done. Burn the whole building down. They're cooked. Enough is enough. There is no coming back from this. Fire everybody, scrap their storylines, and set the building on fire with them in it, and readers aren't going to put up with this crap. There's insulting the intelligence of the readers, and then there's treating them like crap, lying to them endlessly, and then smiling in their faces and telling them to like it or else. 

Screw you, Nick Spencer. You're trying to have it both ways, and it's not working, and it will not work. We'll find out that this was all a very elaborate scheme by Hydra to trick Captain America into pickng the wrong reality. I'm sure we'll even discover that Red Skull is behind it, even though he's dead.

Oh, wait, didn't I mention? Red Skull is supposed to have been killed ... again ... by Steve Rogers. Yes, you heard it here folks, Captain America assassinated he Red Skull in order to take over Hydra. 

Yes. In case you thought it couldn't get any more stupid. The hits just keep on coming.

I guess Nick Spencer wants to just keep pushing the "America is racist" narrative. 

This major super-duper world shaking event du jour is called Secret Empire. It's supposed to be the last ditch effort of Marvel to make political comic book story lines. 

I guess no one told him that we don't care, nor do we believe him. It's comic books. There are no permanent changes. Don't believe me, just ask the Grim Reaper of comic books about his revolving door policy of dead superheroes,

And, somehow, rewriting Captain America's memories, and all of reality, is supposed to explain this.

Yes, that's right. The magical / mystical object can't see through the "false goodness" of Steve Rogers, and the Cosmic Cube made him capable of wielding it on the field of battle.

[head desk] [head desk]  [head desk]  [head desk]  [head desk]  [head desk]  [head desk]  [head desk]  [head desk]  [head desk]  [head desk]  [head desk]  [head desk]  [head desk]  [head desk]  [head desk]  [head desk]  [head desk]  [head desk]  [head desk]  [head desk]  [head desk]  [head desk]  [head desk]  [head desk]  [head desk]  [head desk]  [head desk]  [head desk]  [head desk]  [head desk]  [head desk]  [head desk]  [head desk]  [head desk]  [head desk]  [head desk]  [head desk]  [head desk]  [head desk]  [head desk]  [head desk]  [head desk]  [head desk]  [head desk]  [head desk]  [head desk]  [head desk]  [head desk]  [head desk]  [head desk]  [head desk]  [head desk]  [head desk]  [head desk]  [head desk]  [head desk]  [head desk]  [head desk]   

.... I feel better down. I think I just rid myself of the dead and dying brain cells that Nick Spencer BROKE with this endless stupidity. 

To Nick Spencer, you fatuous, fascist f**ktard: just out yourself as an Antifa a-hole, grab your ISIS costume with the rest of your Antifa mates, and then go ahead and attack some defenders of the first amendment. I'm sick of your crap, and so is everyone else. Sam Wilson had become a racist, dickless wonder, and Steve Rogers has become a Nazi?

Screw you, and the house of mouse. Marvel is dead to me. And my friends. And my family. Captain America stopped during Ed Brubaker's run, he came back from the dead, retired, and lived happily ever after with Sharon Carter. Or perhaps found a time machine, went back in time, and went into hiding with Peggy Carter after they got married. Or a hundred different, better scenarios that I can come up with in my sleep that are better than this bullcrap. 

Guess what, Spencer, if you don't like heroes to be, you know, heroic, how about you get into a different line of work, like writing screenplays for Zach Snyder, or write for Top Cow's Millarworld, with all the other amoral, immoral, vile douche bags. The only reason you're currently employed is that Marvel doesn't care about sales anymore. 

Marvel will lie, BS, bluster and bloviate about why their sales suck, but they would rather cut their own throats with political message screeds and bleed out all over the fan base than believe in truth, justice, the American way, values, morals, ethics, or anything that is commonly acknowledged as an objective good

Right now, as far as I'm concerned, Marvel has been living in an elseworld's nightmare created by Mephisto, and until the last ten years of writing, and writers, have been stricken from the history of the company, I can't even imagine looking at a Marvel comic, unless I need something to burn in the fireplace to keep me warm at nice. And I'm afraid that the toxic fumes from all the stupid in the pages might not even make that worth it.

Dear Marvel and Disney, if you ever want to write good stories again, give me a call. I have a list of authors who would happily rip out all garbage clogging the pipeline, and get your comic books back into the top twenty list of comic sales. 

And Marvel, you sacks of crap very careful where you tread. You wouldn't want to step on James Gunn's toes while he's doing the Guardians of the Galaxy films, or the Russo brothers when they next bring Captain America to the screen. They may just have to step on you.

A whole bunch of books better than marvel comics right now.

The Love at First Bite series. 


Music to Write to: Skyrim Main Theme, with Tina Guo

I won't say that Tina Guo is the Lindsey Stirling of Cello. She's a little too metal for that, and her cosplaying is ... well ... a little less innocent, and showing slightly more midriff than Stirling ever has.

But, yeah, the video is well put together. The images are .... eye catching. And Tina Guo is very passionate about her work.

Very passionate.


And, while you're at it, The Dragon Awards are open and ready for nominations, and I have a list of suggestions you might want to take a look at. If you already  have a good idea of what you want, just click here to go and vote for them immediately. The instructions are right there.

The Love at First Bite series. 


CLFA Booknado, April 2017

Yup. It's that time of the month again.

It's the CLFA Booknado. A book bomb with an attitude problem.

And possibly inspired by Snarknado. I honestly didn't ask.

Anyway, Let's look at what's on the menu.


by C.J. Carella

The war for humanity’s survival continues.

The sequel to Tears of Paradox, which I've reviewed once already.

After a totalitarian government takes control of America, the angel-warrior Cadáin watches over the Wallace Family and aids them in their resistance to tyranny.

Catching the serial killer was the easy part; figuring out how he did it and what he has planned next is much more difficult, even for a psychic

When his National Guard unit is overrun by the victims of the plague sweeping America, Sergeant First Class Nick Agostine struggles to keep his vow to defend against all enemies, foreign and domestic, and keep those he loves safe.

A Small Medium at Large (Division One series, Book 2) by Stephanie Osborne

What if Sir Arthur Conan Doyle was right all along, and Harry Houdini really DID do his illusions? What if he could do this because…he wasn’t human?

Six months after a catastrophic solar flare cracks the sky and bathes Earth in high radiation, the starving crew of the USS Colorado is forced to surface and send a party ashore to forage for food. A Christian post-apocalyptic military thriller.

$1.99 OR LESS*
*for the dates of April 19 and 20, 2017
*To the best of our knowledge, books listed will be at special promotional prices on the days of April 19 and 20, 2017.

Bad Date: A Love at First Bite story by Declan Finn (short story).

A serial killer is on the loose, and there’s one more victim. 

....Perhaps she’s bitten off more than she can chew.

99¢ (Regular price $3.99)
The Russian Renaissance by Ian Kharitonov

Terrorists, spies, assassins, and a conspiracy to make Russia great again.

FREE (Regular price $1.99)
Black Rifle Security & Investigations: The Case of the Gangster’s Daughter by J.F. Holmes

Sometimes, a twenty first century crime scene needs the rough and tumble skills of an old school Private Investigator.

 99¢ (Regular price $3.99)
Absinthe and Chocolate (Boone’s File Book 1) by Dale Amidei

An ODNI Level One Case Officer, Dr. Rebecca Boone Hildebrandt, is tasked with covertly shepherding an international private intelligence director.

99¢ (Regular price $2.99)
The Product by Marina Fontaine (novella)

In a gray, joyless world, what would you do to come awake? Whom can you trust? 

Can you afford to love?

Eight years after Z-Day, the surviving remnants of mankind face the unknown. The fences and walls kept the ravenous undead at bay until they waste away. A once overwhelming foe has turned feeble and weak, and a world gone wild seems ripe for reclamation.

Honor at Stake 
Paperback Price Drop ($10.95, from 14.95)

One is a bloodthirsty, homicidal monster. The other's a vampire.

The Dragon Awards are open and ready for nominations, and I have a list of suggestions you might want to take a look at -- some of which are on our list above. If you already  have a good idea of what you want, just click here to go and vote for them immediately. The instructions are right there.

The Love at First Bite series. 


Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Truth in History

One of the major problems with finding truth in history is that history is screwed up by politics.  In fact, it's screwed up by politics at both ends of the spectrum of history -- when the sources happen, and when the history is written.

The best example of contemporaneous politics screwing up history is the case of Richard III. Our biggest sources on Richard come from two people: Thomas More and Shakespeare. Both of them wrote about Richard while living under the descendants of the man who defeated Richard. It is only recently that anyone has suggested that Richard III wasn't the pure evil hunchback of London.

Current politics, of course, is the more obvious perpetrator against truth in history. For example, the myth that "white people have never suffered oppression" ... Oh? Really? So, all of that "No Irish need apply" crap in the late 1800s was meant for, who? Hispanics? Please. The last 150 years of history have been all about oppression. At some point, somebody had been oppressed by somebody else.

But yes, modern political agendas are probably the major problem when it comes to getting to truth. As I said yesterday, politics is probably the true root of all evil. Politics equals power, after all.

The easiest example is Dan Brown, who screwed up all of Roman Catholic history, neopagan history, and anything else that didn't match his screwed up, f**ked up agenda. Seriously, he managed to make Newton excommunicated by the Catholic Church "for the theory of gravity" .... Does anyone have a problem with that? Anyone? Aside from the fact that Newton stole parts of his theories from Catholics?  The answer is: NEWTON WAS ANGLICAN! NOT CATHOLIC.

You want other examples? Look at Inherit the Wind, a play, and later two movies, a fictionalized version of the Scopes Monkey Trial. And by fictional, I mean full fantasy. The real Scopes was a teacher using an interesting textbook with a peculiar outlook on evolution -- which suggests sterilizing hillbillies, rednecks, and other degenerates. So ... yeah, charming, huh? Can you imagine why a bunch of religious folks in the Bible belt would find this somewhat objectionable? And yet Inherit the Wind makes it look like the poor innocent teacher is being sucked into a bad situation by ignorant redneck Bible thumpers.

Yeah, charming, isn't it? But modern politics dictates that the red necks are the enemy of Progress! And Progress! is everything. And evangelicals are backwards! They're all the same! They! Are! Too! Stupid! To! Live!

And screw! You! And your blanket! Generalizations!!!!

.... Okay, it doesn't work quite as well as I had in my head. But I'm writing this at an odd hour.

My point is obvious: politics will screw up almost any study of history. The politics of the day will screw up how things are reported, and modern politics will screw up how they're summarized to you, the reader. Usually, "the victors write the history" isn't an excuse, as there are generally no permanent victors -- though in the case of Richard III, he seems well and truly shafted by history.

The usual excuse for idiots like Dan Brown and others of his ilk is that "but we need the changes for the drama."

If anyone, and I mean anyone, tells you that history has been sacrificed for narrative purposes and drama? They're lazy bastards who haven't done enough research into the subject matter. Trust me, I'm a historian. If you think "This story is boring, I need to change things to spice it up," screw you. I'm a history, I know when I'm being lied to. And trust me, that is the surest way to piss me off.

Politics is the enemy of Truth. As God is the Way, the TRUTH, and the Light, I have no problem concluding that politics is the enemy of God Himself.

The Dragon Awards are open and ready for nominations, and I have a list of suggestions you might want to take a look at. If you already  have a good idea of what you want, just click here to go and vote for them immediately. The instructions are right there.

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