Thursday, April 13, 2017

Checking out for the day

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Over on the Superversive SF blog, I did an article on GOOD Strong Female Characters. Basically, it's where I defend every female action hero I grew up with.

You can click here for the details.

But I'm still feeling a little fuzzy, and I blew most of my brain power on that article.

Pictures! Shiny!

Yeah, I'm that brain dead right now. It's less a matter of insisting that you be content with keys being rattled in front of you, and more a matter that "rattling keys" is about as high as my brain functions will go right about now.

Yeah. Sorry about that.

Yeah. Sorry about wasting everyone's time like that. 

Be well.


  1. So... hmmm... a pious geek considers Dr. Quinn and Elektra heroes...? I'd admit the later, sometimes... And I'm not enough of a follower of the Gothamverse to be 100% sure Harley can't qualify now and then, but... Hmm...

    Take care.


    1. Nah, this is pure cheesecake. You have to click through to the other blog post to see the Female Heroes pics (those ain't bad either, at least from where I sit as a straight woman :) )

    2. Yeah. Not heroes, as Masha said. Just .... shiny.

      Though, Dr. Quinn? Is one of these women Jane Seymour and I missed something?

    3. Wasn't she a psychiatrist?

      Take care

      PS: I'm afraid the "other" Dr. Quinn was shown on weird hours in Spain, so it got a small following.


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