Monday, April 10, 2017

On Being Interesting

Why do you read my books?

This is an honest question, and I'd like you to consider the answer as you read my post.

A lot of people try to tell me that having a blog is to make people care about you. To invest in you as a person, they buy your work.

But I'm told that blogs are all about making you, the reader, give a darn about me, the author.

.... I have problems with that.

I mean, on the one hand, yeah, sure, I usually like Peter David doing his stand up at conventions (he has kept it apolitical), but you'd have to hold me at gun point to read another Sir Apropos novel.

I haven't even seen Larry Correia for more than a few minutes at LibertyCon. I like his work, but will tell most people to skim MHI: Alpha until it gets interesting.

Now, sure, people who piss me off will turn me off of their work. I never got into John Scalzi, and never will, now that I've interacted with him on Facebook. Couldn't get into George RR Martin's Game of Thrones, and hated his Beauty and the Beast TV show, and will roll my eyes if I ever pass him in person.

But I don't recall a single author who I have bought because I liked the person. I just read the stories and see if I like them or not.

In some cases, I'll read, for review, a book for someone because I like them, but I'll run, screaming, from the room if they're terrible enough. There are some novels I've never finished that you'll never hear about because I like the author, but not their book.

Think about it for a moment, shall we? You are reading my blog. If you are a long time reader of my blog, have you ever bought a novel of mine because of my:
I suspect the answer to all of the above is most likely "No." But if I'm wrong, tell me, I'll post on them more.

My money would be that you read my books because you saw a post on how I developed the novel. Or that you went to Amazon, read the premise, or the reviews, or both, and purchased it.

Granted, you might read try my novels because of the last point, but that's only if you're also politically conservative OR Christian, and you want to read a book by someone who will not insult you for your beliefs.

But that's it.

I'm sure there are a lot of people who came here, laughed at the whole Hugos thing, and decided to give my books a shot. Maybe they're as funny as that stuff.

But yeah, I have problems wrapping my mind around "This person is likable, I will read his stuff because I like him."

I can see:

  • "I like how s/he thinks, I wonder if the books are similar?"
  • "Hey, s/he's a smartass / funny / witty / writes real good."
  • "Huh, this thought here should be interesting if s/he puts it into practice in X-book."

....Yeah. I can't see too much more than that being a factor. And that's not biographical. That's a little bit about how the inside of my brain works -- poorly, infrequently, and with great difficulty.

Heck, the list of things that you don't want about me, I'm sure, are legion. Several of them would probably strike you blind if I mentioned them. Think about this a moment, would mentioning my prayer life / sex life / relationship status / cash flow influence anybody into purchasing my work?

I think we all know the answer to that.

As I said once before, I'm boring.

That's right up there was saying: Puppy!

Yes, he's cute, but that's not the point. I expect nothing from posting that photo aside from "He's cute."

I expect people sign up for my mailing list in order to get free stuff.  Not because I'm cuddly.

I expect people to vote for my books in the Dragon awards because they like my books, not because they like me.

And, if I'm wrong, seriously people, you're going to have to tell me these things. But I can't think of one thing you'd care about that isn't already in my FAQ section.

And now ... look at the Dragon Awards and consider voting for me, sign up for the mailing list, and oh, here are some interesting novels.

Be well, all.

The Love at First Bite series. 



  1. You forgot purchases based on the awesome covers. ;)

    PS That puppy is adorable.

  2. I buy books based on whether or not I like the story. Though I have stopped buying people because they were insulting me as a fan with their public statements, or because of things they said when I was talking to them.

  3. I read your books because I'm stalking you. ;)

  4. My process was not straight forward. My first leap into your work was, "I want to read Catholic spy novels with lots of action. Why don't people write Catholic spy novels? Hey, this guy writes Catholic spy novels! Neat I'll buy one!" Later, I remember to buy the next one because I read your blog. "What kind of guy writes Catholic spy novels? Reading about this will tide me over until the next book comes out!" I keep coming back because I like reading about you. And you attract the people who will likely come back by being yourself. Most people do keep some things private, with a sort of public persona. You don't want that public persona to get too far from who you are, because that is fraud (at least in principle). But yes, blogs do help and are probably worth it.

  5. If I used my blog to "reveal" would be a total bust! LOL I think readers want to know about stuff they are interested in...if they want to get to know you, there are social sites to do that, in my opinion...Your books? Like potato chips, once you've eaten one, you can't stop...


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