Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Politics as the Source of all Evil

Sadly, I can't get in to all the various and sundry ways that politics has caused more hardship than practically everything else on the planet. Entire books have been written about politics trumping the rights of Man, and tramping on the people, so much so that it has caused more death this century than wars or plague.

If you don't believe that, than believe the hundred million body county from Communism in the 20th century. You read that right, 100,000,000. Hard to wrap your brain around, isn't it? That's more than the US's total losses in Iraq. Hilter killed fewer in concentration camps.

Right now, the only thing that's catching up to that hundred million body count is abortion. In America alone, the abortion count is nearly 60 million, assuming it hasn't already passed that. Yes, 60,000,000, already over half the count of Communism, and that's just in America alone.

But, hey, they're only mindless meat machines, right? Not real people. A hundred million is just a statistic. A fetus isn't a person, right? We're told that all the time. Usually by politicians or by people who have something to gain by the continuation of mass murder in abortion mills.

"Fetus" is just Latin for "offspring." You know, like "baby."

Welcome to why I hate politics. The person who vote is the only person who exists, until we are otherwise told by politicians. We are now full circle, you realize. The American first started when we set down on paper that the rights of the individual human being were gifted by our Creator, with rights that cannot be taken away by any power of man on Earth.

Politicians found a way around this immediately. They gave themselves the power to define what constituted an individual human being.

I mean, look at this Supreme Court Decision.
Even though we acknowledge that this entity has a brain and a heart, it is not a human being.
No, that isn't an excerpt of Roe vs Wade. That's a summation of The Dred Scott decision, Scott vs. Sanford.

Amazing how the language seems to still be applicable, isn't it?

It's politics. Once upon a time, it was easier for Democrats to hold power by holding onto slaves. Now it's just easier for them to hold onto power via abortion lobbies. Same crap, different day.

And nothing has changed, really. I was going to do an entire conversation on Truth in History, the panel I'm working during RavenCon this year, but I came across social media.

I hate to break it to people, but freedom of speech means suck it up, buttercup, you're gonna be offended. Remember, way back in the 1990s, when Mayor Giuliani of New York was a fascist because he wanted to pull the funding of the Brooklyn museum over pieces like Piss Christ, or an image of the Virgin Mary covered in elephant dung and genitalia?

We've come full circle. The Left has gone from screaming that Freedom of Speech covers everything from porn and Treason, to screaming that Freedom of Speech should be suppressed just in case someone's feelings are hurt.

What's the connection?

Think about it a moment -- we've been letting THE GOVERNMENT define what makes a man or a woman, has anyone else considered for a moment just how much power that gives the government?

We have allowed the politician to control how rights work by defining what makes a person. Whether it is "the person is a person as long as they serve the state," their sex, the color of their skin or the content of their politics. They are also a fickle, feckless, capricious thing whose sides will switch with the winds. The politician will also define hate speech as something that disagrees with them.

And now politics is being used to define "what is allowed" by the average citizen. Does anyone else see a problem here? You should.

It should be a source of irony that people who call themselves "anti-fascists" are the ones who are calling for the suppression of free speech. But they lack irony, and wouldn't know irony if it hit them over the head. It is much like how "anti-Communists" called themselves the "National Social Workers Party" -- which is basically the exact same label as any other Communist group, only the abbreviation in German is "Nazi."

Screw it. I'm going to stop before I become depressed. This is usually the point where I ask you to vote in the Dragon Awards or perhaps buy my books.

But right now I'm just too damned depressed. Have a nice day.

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