Monday, April 17, 2017

RavenCon Schedule


As I've mentioned, at the end of the month, I will be in Williamsburg, VA, attending RavenCon as a guest.

And they've decided to let me moderate! BWAHAHAHAAHAHA

.... Yeah, moderating should be about as hard has hosting my radio show. Come up with a few questions, and let them talk.

Friday, April 28th

5:00 PM

Where Do You Get Your Ideas?

Yup. This one again. I've only done this blog, what? Three times? At least twice.
I will do the panel with...

Rob Balder (M)
Joan Wendland
D. Alexander Ward
Jim McDonald

Though, isn't Rob Balder actually a filker? Though it could be someone with a similiar name.

8:00 PM

Science Fiction as Epic 

Description: Often science fiction that is epic in nature is dismissed as "space opera," but science fiction can be epic without resorting to the world destroying of Edmond Hamilton or the dogfighting X-Wings of Star Wars. What constitutes epic science fiction and what does it do that more personal stories can't?

Steve White
Jack McDevitt
Charity Ayres
Nancy Northcott

Saturday, April 29th

4:00 PM

Follow that Clue! The Making of a Great Mystery
Description: Part of the fun of reading mystery novels is to discover the clues and figure out the resolution before the detective reveals what happened. As an author, how does one make sure the clues are planted properly without falling into the Holmesian trap of keeping the main clue hidden from the reader.

Jeanne Adams (Moderator)
Jack McDevitt
Darin Kennedy

6:00 PM

Fantasy In the (Modern) City

Description: With the rise in popularity of urban-based fantasies, so increases the complexity of storytelling. Sure, you know what's happening in a modern world. But does including a fantastical element have its own challenges? Discuss the challenges of writing fantasy in a modern setting, and how the different choices made by authors influenced their stories.

Moderator: Me. Again. Heh heh heh
Jennifer R. Povey
Wayland Smith
Liz Long
Jim McDonald

10:00 PM

Truth In History

Description: Where do we fail in the truthful dissemination of history, why and what can we do to fix that?

Nathan Vernon Madison (Moderator)
Joshua LeHuray
Harry “Jack” Heckel

Not that I can't fill this entire hour with a solid, nonstop rant or anything....

Sunday, April 30th

1:00 PM

Me for 25 minutes.

2:00 PM

Paranormal Romance
Description: Is this science fiction, fantasy, or horror? Whatever it is, fans love it! Learn what makes paranormal romance unique from other genres.

Declan Finn
Jeanne Adams
Nickie Jamison
Nancy Northcott (M)

3:00 PM

I'm out of there, and on my way back home. I probably won't make it that night, especially if I stop at a friend's house along the way.

While I will have some books with me, I won't have an awful lot. Some I don't even have five copies of. 

So if I'm going to see you, you might want to order some yourself.

While I think of it, the Dragon Awards are open and ready for nominations. If you don't have any thoughts on what to nominate, I have a list of suggestions you might want to take a look at. If you already  have a good idea of what you want, just click here to go and vote for them immediately. The instructions are right there.

The Love at First Bite series. 



  1. Good luck! Is there a chance any of these will be recorded?

    1. I hope to record everything I'm going to be on. How that works out will depend on my plus-one.


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