Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Follow That Clue! The Making of a Great Mystery, RavenCon, 2017, 4-29

As promised, I have video from my time at RavenCon.

The description of this panel is

Part of the fun of reading mystery novels is to discover the clues and figure out the resolution before the detective reveals what happened. As an author, how does one make sure the clues are planted properly without falling into the Holmesian trap of keeping the main clue hidden from the reader.

Jeanne Adams (Moderator)
Declan Finn (Yellow Jacket)
Jack McDevitt (on the far end)
Darin Kennedy (in the middle)


For those people who like a good mystery, here are two I suggest.

The Dragon Awards are open and ready for nominations, and I have a list of suggestions you might want to take a look at. If you already  have a good idea of what you want, just click here to go and vote for them immediately. The instructions are right there.

The Love at First Bite series. 


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  1. Sigh... Terrible audio; can barely hear them; way too much mike noise. The captioning is, shall we say "inadequate".


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