Tuesday, May 23, 2017

#TuesdayThoughts on the #ManchesterBombing

In less than 100 years,  we've gone from "we will fight them on the beaches.  We will never give up. We will never surrender," to "we need to just be more kind, compassionate and UNDERSTANDING."

We can, of course, ask what led to these changes, but you can probably come up with your own answer. Mine is the convergence of liberal / Marxist ideology with the mainstream culture. It's why you have idiots saying that violence isn't the answer when violence is actually the opening question, and any answer is simply return fire.

Part of the problem is, I understand ISIS. They're evil. They are literally trying to bring about the apocalypse. Yes. Really. It was a solid article in the Atlantic, one of their few good research and reporting segments. They're basically al-Qaeda on an accelerated schedule, and without the finesse. And when you consider that AQ's idea of finesse was 9-11, that should tell you something.

But Islamofascism at large is all the same, really. Nihilistic, and more interested in the end goal of murdering infidels than living. It is an ideology where there is no hope. There is nothing good to be gotten from living another day. Cut off their nose to spite their face? They would cut off their child's head if they thought that it would hurt somebody else.

An exaggeration? Don't believe me? Let me bring your attention to the Gaza strip a few years ago, after Israel pulled out. There were thriving businesses in Gaza. A seriously large synagogue. Solid residential neighborhoods. Now, normal people, when suffering, poor and hungry, might do something strange when an entire area is just handed to them: take over the businesses, move into the homes, perhaps convert the temple into a mosque. No. They burned everything. Took everything that was literally handed them, and reduced it to ashes, overnight.

This is ISIS. This is AQ. This is Hamas. They're all interchangeable really.

And we've seen what they'd do when they get their way. They attacked a concert for Ariana Grande, whose primary audience is made of of teenagers.  Kids, basically. That's who they targeted. That's the sort of people we're talking about.

Gold Meir once said, "We can forgive them for killing our children. We cannot forgive them for forcing us to kill their children."  But now, we don't have to worry about killing their children, they'll do it themselves. They'll strap bombs to them and blow their own kids to Hell. Because why give them a better future.

And the first dumb son of a bitch who says that they just need to be educated: have you LOOKED at the advanced degrees some of these people have? Doctors and architects. Osama was part of the largest, wealthiest family in the Middle East. Didn't stop him.

Guess what, people, this isn't poverty we have to stop. This is fascism. This is an ideology that actually stretched back to Hajj Amin al-Husseini, the Grand Mufti of Jerusalem. He was also a friend to Eichmann, and Hitler, broadcast on German radio, and assembled Nazi Muslim brigades-- Hanjar units. And his disciples created the Baathist party, who ran Syria and Iraq. His disciples raised two interesting folk: Yassir Arafat and Saddam Hussein.

Frankly, it's same crap, different day.

I could go on. I could go on forever, really. But the short version is this: every terrorist is not someone we should understand. Every terrorist is just one more person we should kill. Rules of warfare state that if you're in civilian garb while executing an attack, you are an illegal combatant, and under the rules of the Geneva convention, you are owed nothing. Any such combatant isn't owed a cell, or good care. They are owed a bullet to the back of the head, and that's it. Any additional minutes given to them are purely given by the grace of the person who has gotten their hands on said SOB. We could have taken every last Illegal Combatant we put up at GITMO, then take them out back into the bay, shook them in the back of the head, and feed them to the sharks.

Okay, I would slit a minor artery, THEN throw them in, so they could be eaten alive.

Short version: find everyone involved in Manchester. Find everybody who executed the plan, and kill them. Find everyone who financed it, and kill them. Find everyone in the room when they brainstormed the attack, and kill them, too. And just to be certain, we find everybody who was happy about the attack, and kill them too. Then we smother their bodies in whatever part of the pig that isn't eaten and set their remains on fire.

Everyone who then complains that we're treating the enemy poorly? They can go live with the enemy for a month, and we'll see if they're complaining at the end of the day. Because I've had it. You don't like western culture? Here's your ticket to Iraq, or Afghanistan -- not Dubai, they have too much Western architecture.

And no, it's not "because of Trump," you mealy mouth liberal asshats. The west have had terror attacks under Clinton, W, Obama and Trump. They don't care for your BS. I don't care for your BS. You want to make it because of Trump, again, here's your ticket to anywhere else on the planet. Don't let the door hit you on the ass on the way out.

Pardon me. I think I've had too much crap today online. I think I'm going to write a short story where I feed terrorists to vampires.  They just need a little salt. And bacon bits. Lots and lots of bacon bits.

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