Friday, June 9, 2017

Black Panther Trailer Reaction

So, the next trailer is out.

0:04: Holy Hell, Watson is back! John Watson is back! Sorry, I mean Martin Freeman. Damn. It's been so long since Captain America: Civil War that I forgot that Freeman was in this franchise. He's playing some sort of state department bureaucrat, who's been a thorn in the side of the Avengers a few times over the years. We see him here interviewing Andy Serkis, Mister Klaue (Claw) from Age of Ultron. Serkis' character is a Black Panther villain, but in this case, he's no where near his final villain form that we see in the comics. I doubt they'll use him as that in the films, but we'll see.

0:14: Some nice CGI as Freeman begins to explain that Wakanda is a 3rd world country. Which, to everyone's knowledge, is BS. The audience knows from the Comics, and the post-credits Civil War scene, that Wakanda is a highly advanced country. I guess they've decided that it's a secret only known to the super hero community.

0:23: And here's where we explain that the 3rd world country bit is a front, and we see some of the high tech stuff kicking around. Please don't say aliens. Please don't say aliens....

0:27: Ooh, shiny.

0:30: And here's the high tech shuttles

0:35: Gee. Hunters in a dark jungle. I'm getting a Jurassic Park vibe. Anyone else?

0:47: Damn, that costume looks snazzy.  From here, we see what comic readers should expect from Black Panther: he's an awesome martial artist, and his costume is bullet proof.

1:02: I think Serkis has lost his mind. Again.

1:05: Remember when I said they were advanced? Yup. They're advanced. Now I really am starting to wonder about aliens. As I said earlier in the week, they could make this another infinity gem storyline, if only so Wakanda can have power.

1:07: Interesting facial markings. I understand these are usually tribal.

1:10: Andy Serkis may have a staring role in this one! There's a break out.

1:12: I wonder if this is Black Panther's sister.

1:17: One, NO. NO HIP HOP. T'Challa is as far from Black America as you can get without going to another planet. Hell, I'd even look up Afro-Celt and play some of that! Yes, Afro Celt, it's a thing.  Two? Andy Serkis might be a villain here. He was a weapons dealer in Age of Ultron, it looks like he's keeping up his business here. So it should be T'Challa versus the techno thieves.

1:18: The UN? really?

1:18-1:32.  Micellanous images. I'm getting the impression we might have some political gaming here along the way. Game of Thrones, Wakanda edition? Serkis may just be a lacky, or a subplot.

1:32 T'Challa stopping an SUV with his body. Okay, that's cool. Nice imagery. Nice slow motion.

Okay, I'll confess, this generally looks good. Marvel, this is your movie to screw up. Make it about their native culture, and their city, and a lot of action, and we'll be good. This is your chance to world build. Build it. If you make it about racial politics, you'll have problems.

Also, more Martin Freeman. Because he's awesome.

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  1. If they can do this the way WW was done with minimal SJ nonsense it could be quite good. Not confident they can resist though. Please be good.

  2. Afrocelt would kick so much ass. It's a shame... So much awesome African music out there and it must be hip hop.


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