Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Schedule update

I'm told I should take a break, even though that the key to success is output.

But let's do a quick walk around my life lately.

I've had two books released this year -- A Pius Man with Russell and Silver Empire, one vampire book on my own, Live and Let Bite.

A Pius Legacy and Good to the Last Drop will be out by year's end.

Next month, Dawn Witzke, the cover artist, wants to coauthor a project.

That's five books right there

Book #6: I am editing a space opera to send to Baen, because I have time to kill while they take a year to reject me.

Why do I have time to kill while waiting?


I have three murder mystery novels to release by year's end. They're period pieces. Academic cozies, if you will. They're a little old, they need some polish, but that's quickly done.

That's about 9 books so far -- probably seven of them published by year's end. The project with Dawn and the Baen project will probably be 2018, assuming both are rejected by everybody.

But wait, there's more.


I have been accepted by the anthology Trumptopia ... yes, really. It's a thing.

The planetary anthologies by Superversive SF are also coming. I've submitted to three of them. I've been accepted for Mercury, and I've already submitted to Mars and Venus.

I'm already accepted as part of The Tales of Once and Future King Anthology, which should be out sooner or later.

Also, I have been accepted for Superversive's first issue of pulp short stories. And I've submitted to another Superversive anthology project.

There's also a Superhero anthology, also by Silver Empire.

So that's eight shorts, and seven anthologies.

And there's a project in the work that my coauthor from The Last Survivors, Allan, is working on. Not sure if I should issue a note on that yet.

Anyway, don't worry everyone. I'm keeping busy. Illegitimi non carborundum

And, if you've done that....

The Dragon Awards are open and ready for nominations, and I have a list of suggestions you might want to take a look at. If you already  have a good idea of what you want, just click here to go and vote for them. The instructions are right there.

The Love at First Bite series. 


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