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The Flight of Dragon Awards

Sorry. I just had to use that title again... though, damn, I feel old every time I think of how old that film is.


The Dragon Awards are the end of the month... July 24th, to be precise.

Which means they're due in a week.

By now, if you've been here, you know what's going on, but a fast recap: Dragon Con is one of the biggest SFF conventions in the United States. Held in Atlanta, it hosts a minimum of 60,000 people each year -- at least, that's what they tell the fire marshal.

No, that last part? Not even kidding. I have, of course, posted Dragon Con reports, so many that if you click the tag DragonCon, you'll see all of my reports.

Set to Kill may or may not have some slight similarity to DragonCon. It's a murder mystery that takes place in Atlanta, at a place called WyvernCon, in the middle of a political war about Tearful or Hydrophobic Puppies versus Puppy Punters from traditional Big Publishing. Obviously, this book has no similarities to real events.

Anyway, in the wake of the Great Puppy War....

Enter: The Dragon.

Yes, I did have to use that line as well.

The Dragons give out awards by genre, and they do not go by calendar year, but from the start of July to the end of June.


Moving on.

I've mentioned the genres, and I've mentioned the place. Now here's the important part: the who.

Who can vote?


Yes, anyone can vote in the Dragon Awards, whether you have attended the con, or if you will never attend the con.

You can vote here, once you're registered. Keep in mind, you can only vote for each book ONCE. If you try to vote for, say, Murphy's Law of Vampires in more than one category, like best horror / best fantasy / best YA, your ballot will be invalid.

I will reiterate, because this has been a problem: this isn't a calendar year eligibility process, nor are these categories by length, but by genre. And yes, you can wait until the end of July to nominate various and sundry novels for the Dragons. You can vote at the end of July if you like.

I don't recommend waiting quite that long, since the Dragon award website encourages early voters.

So, vote early, vote often?

.... Nah, only if you're in Chicago.
Dragon Awards won by John C Wright, Brian Niemeier
and Nick Cole 2016

Yes, yes, I know, "Shut up, Declan. Are you going to do the damn post already?" I will. Just please note that I am saying that these are my picks. These are not my bets.

If you want to see the votes of OTHER PEOPLE, I have a few at the bottom, but in case you find them more interesting.
Happy Frogs
The Injustice Gamer
Richard Paolinelli
Russell Newquist
Dawn Witzke
Jon Del Arroz
Yes.  It's time for me to actually say what the Hell I'm voting for. We'll see if anything is going to happen with it.


Best Science Fiction:  Escaping Infinity: Richard Paolinelli.  I reviewed this book, and it was awesome.  This is my candidate. This is also the candidate of Jon del Arroz. So this should tell you it's not just me.

Best Fantasy Novel: Murphy's Law of Vampires.
Yes, I'm voting for myself. Why? Because the last fantasy novel I remember reading is JCW's Iron Chamber of Memory... which isn't eligible. As for other candidates, I have some suggestions at the bottom, so keep reading.

YARachel and the Many-Splendored Dreamland, by L. Jagi Lamplighter. I've only read book 1 of Jagi's series, but I've liked enough of it to conclude that I'd suggest people take a look at this before voting. Richard confirms this one.  As does Jon del Arroz.

MilSFF: Jon del Arroz would like me to vote for his Star Realms: Rescue Run, instead of his For Steam and Country.... Sorry, Jon, didn't read it, won't vote for it. I'm going to do John Ringo, Monster Hunter Memiors: Sinners.

Best Alternate History: I finally read Lou Antonelli's Another Girl, Another Planet. It's awesome. It's also reviewed by me on this blog, and maybe one or two others.

Best Apocalyptic: I hate this genre. I hate it, hate it, hate it. I co-wrote one, so I'll say Codename: UnSub. Otherwise, I wouldn't bother. I can say that The Injustice Gamer really liked this one.

Best HorrorLive and Let Bite ... As I've said before, this is the book. This is where I'm putting my money. I have made my case for it to win a Dragon. As I said before, this is everything from Honor at Stake and does more. Romance? Action? The stakes? Pressed down and overflowing. It's just logical.  Heh. Yes, I would love for this book to be registered under "Urban Fantasy," and then thank God that there isn't a Harry Dresden book out, but aside from that ... I have demons and vampires and minions with machine guns. This is probably where I will make my stand, whether I like it or not. Jon del Arroz concurs. Really. And Richard ... wanted something else. Heh.  And The Injustice Gamer

SFF TV series: Grimm. It's the last chance for the show.

SFF Movie: Doctor Strange. Because Cumberbatch.

Video Game: Pass. I have no thoughts on this one. I literally only started Dishonored.

As for the rest .... I got nothing.

However, remember, other people have lists, so if you feel you need to fill in every category, these folks have some thoughts for you.

Happy Frogs
The Injustice Gamer
Richard Paolinelli
Russell Newquist
Dawn Witzke
Jon Del Arroz

And there are just some of the other people I've suggested nominating in the past, and are probably eligible in other categories. So if you don't like my thoughts, about about other people.

Brian Niemeier, The Secret Kings: Best SF / MilSF?
Discovery: Karina Fabian: Best SF (Recreate a similar list for CWG?)
Keeping the Faith, by William Lehman: Best Fantasy / Best MilSFF?
Murphy's Law of Vampires: Best Horror / Fantasy / MilSFF?
Live and Let Bite: Best Horror / fantasy / MilSFF?
Loose Ends, John Van Stry: Horror / MilSFF
Psychic Undercover Amie Gibbons: Fantasy / Paranormal
Rachel and the Many-Splendored DreamlandL. Jagi Lamplighter Wright: Best Fantasy / YA
Swan Knight's Son  / Feast of the Elfs / Swan Knight's Sword by John C. Wright.   FOR THE RECORD,  I've asked, and if anyone votes for John under YA, he'd rather shoot for Swan Knight's Son
Path of Angels, Dawn Witzke: Best YA / Apocalyptic
Monster Hunter Memiors: Sinners and / or Monster Hunter Memoirs: Grunge, by John Ringo: MilSFF / Fantasy
Blood of Invidia
Star Realms: Rescue Run, by Jon Del Arroz:
Carwright's Cavaliers, book 1 and 2 and 3, by Mark H Wandrey: Best MilSFF
Louis Antonelli, Another Girl, Another Planet: Best Alternate History
Cadain's Watch, Daniella Bova: Best Apocalyptic / Alternate History?
Codename: UnSub, Yoskowitz, and Finn: Best apocalyptic / MilSF?
Dan Humphreys, Fade: Best Fantasy (Paranormal)

Feel free to post some reminders and thoughts.

If you haven't already, check out some of the books below.

And if you have, please leave a review.


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