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Yeah. I know. I made the same joke last year.

So, the Dragon Award Ballot went live for 2017

Let's take a look, see if we know any names.

Best Science Fiction Novel

YES! Richard got nominated! Richard got nominated! YES.

Hmm... On the other hand, Brian says he'll give his award to Jagi, and that's another complication, to be discussed.

Let's see. I know Scalzi. Cixin Liu looks familiar. And that's ... it. Huh. No Timothy Zhan? No Thrawn?  Hmm. I guess it came out too late for most fans to read it and vote for it.

I suppose this year it's between Brian and Richard. Happy Frogs is behind Brian.

Best Fantasy Novel 
(Including Paranormal)

Obviously, we know who Vox Day is.

Between Sinners and Grunge ... crap. I think I meant to do Grunge. Which was #1 again?

Either way: YES, Larry said he didn't want an award. Let's see if Ringo wants one.

I don't even know everyone else here. It's between Vox and Ringo, really. And even Vox Day doubts his odds here, so my money is on Ringo to win.

Best Young Adult / Middle Grade Novel

Yup, it's a Wright double header!

... Except Jagi has mentioned she wants John to win for Swan Knight's Son....

But I think she deserves an award for Rachel Griffin....

Yes, Brian will literally give his award to Jagi. But I want Richard to win that one....

So many choices...

My bet? JCW will win. Vox is throwing his people behind Mr. Wright, and so is Jagi. So is Happy Frogs.

Has Jagi told Dragon Con she'd like to withdraw her nomination?

Best Military Science Fiction 
or Fantasy Novel
Okay, Starship Liberator is a Vox pick, so I'm not surprised.

Wait, they misspelled Jon's name in the list? Oy.

But I know Mark Wandrey, he's cool. John Holmes is a good guy. Charles Ganon is friendly as all heck, and smart as a whip.

I think I'm going to vote for Jon. I think. As I said before, I wanted John Ringo's Monster Hunter spin off to have been in this category. So, who knows who'll actually win.

Gannon has the Baen vote.

Wandrey, Holmes, and Jon will campaign.

Boy, am I glad I'm not going to be in this midst of this shoot out.

Best Alternate History Novel

Oh look. Flint and Turtledove have gotten nominations. Who ever could have imagined.....

I did. Several times. That was easy.

And Kai Wai Cheah was a Vox pick, so no surprise there, really. I guess  I should be more surprised that more of his picks weren't on the list. Hmm.


So, yeah, Lou's cool. His book was awesome. Read it. That's my vote.

My bet? Turtledove and Flint will split the vote, leaving it as a fight between Lou and Vox's pick. And Happy Frogs is backing Lou. Hmm.

Best Apocalyptic Novel

Dan Humphreys got in. Good for him. He's part of CLFA, and made the Superversvie Dragon Award list. So, yay.

Let's see ... Vox's pick didn't get in. That's interesting.  I don't know Akkad. I don't know Heinz. I dislike Jemisin's work as a rule. I know that Doctorow exists.  Oh, look, John Holmes again! Good for him.

Codename: UnSub. Huh. Interesting. Had you asked me to place money one what I'd be nominated for, this ... would not be it.

On the one hand, we're up against Doctorow, so theoretically, Daniel and I are screwed. On the other hand, I don't know if Doctorow will campaign for it at all. So who knows who's going to win that one. Common sense says Doctorow, but if I had common sense, I'd be a plumber. It's steady work.

Best Horror Novel
Okay. Littlewood is a Vox pick. No surprise there. Tom Tinney's a friend from CLFA, he's been a guest on the podcast a few times. Good guy. Dubeau? Larrinaga? Summers, LaValle.... Yikes. Do I know these people? Answer, of course not, I don't actually read horror.

Technically, I don't even write horror, I write paranormal romance or Urban Fantasy, depending on who you ask.

Tom is up against Dan Wells.  Well, that'll suck. I've heard of Wells, he's supposed to be Catholic Stephen King, only he writes well. Tom's win will depend on whether or not

.... Live and Let Bite.

I got two nominations? Huh. To my rabid fan base, thank you. Yes. Really. Thank you. I'm ... wow. Well. That's ... wow.

Best Comic Book

  • Monstress by Marjorie Liu, Sana Takeda
  • Buffy The Vampire Slayer Season Eleven by Christos Gage, Rebekah Isaacs
  • Motor Girl by Terry Moore
  • Ms. Marvel by G. Willow Wilson, Takeshi Miyazawa
  • Saga by Brian K Vaughan, Fiona Staples
  • Wynonna Earp Legends by Beau Smith, Tim Rozon, Melanie Scrofano, Chris Evenhuis
  • The Dresden Files: Dog Men by Jim Butcher, Mark Powers, Diego Galindo

Okay. I know of Liu, I've heard she's good. I know of Buffy, obviously. And Brian K Vaughn

.... Okay. Nevermind. Jim Butcher is nominated. We know who's winning.

Best Graphic Novel

  • Clive Barker Nightbreed #3 by Marc Andreyko, Clive Barker, Emmanuel Xerx Javier
  • Girl Genius: the Second Journey of Agatha Heterodyne, Book 2: The City of Lightning by Phil and Kaja Foglio
  • Jim Butcher’s The Dresden Files: Wild Card by Jim Butcher, Carlos Gomez
  • Love is Love by Marc Andreyko, Sarah Gaydos, James S. Rich
  • March Book 3 by John Lewis, Andrew Aydin
  • My Favorite Thing is Monsters by Emil Ferris
  • Stuck in My Head by J.R. Mounts

Hey, I like Girl Genius. It's a fun series and .... never mind, Butcher is here, too. I guess it depends on which ones he wants. Assuming he's not going to give all the comic awards away to other people.

Best Science Fiction or Fantasy TV Series

  • Doctor Who, BBC
  • Lucifer, Fox
  • Marvel’s Agents of Shield, ABC
  • Stan Lee’s Lucky Man, Sky1
  • Stranger Things, Netflix
  • The Expanse, Syfy
  • Westworld, HBO
  • Wynonna Earp, Syfy

Eh, Doctor Who .... Lucifer was okay this season.

I'll say Lucifer for the win. But I'm generally apathetic.

Best Science Fiction or Fantasy Movie
  • Arrival directed by Denis Villeneuve
  • Doctor Strange directed by Scott Derrickson
  • Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 directed by James Gunn
  • Logan directed by James Mangold
  • Passengers directed by Morten Tyldum
  • Rogue One: A Star Wars Story directed by Gareth Edwards
  • Wonder Woman directed by Patty Jenkins

Okay. Doctor Strange was good, and was my pick. Guardians isn't a surprise. Or Wonder Woman. Logan was a Vox pick.

No bet on who wins this one.

Best Science Fiction or Fantasy PC / Console Game

  • Dishonored 2 by Arkane Studios
  • Final Fantasy XV by Square Enix
  • Mass Effect: Andromeda by Bioware
  • NieR: Automata by PlatinumGames
  • The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild by Nintendo
  • Titanfall 2 by Respawn Entertainment

Dishonored 2, Titanfall 2, Zelda, FF15, not a surprise. I guessed that at least two of them would be there. No Warhammer, though, which is a surprise. Even Vox picked that one out.

My bet is between those three. I wouldn't vote Bioware if you paid me.

Best Science Fiction or Fantasy Mobile Game

  • Con Man: The Game by Monkey Strength Productions
  • Fire Emblem Heroes by Nintendo
  • Monument Valley 2 by Ustwogames
  • Pokemon GO by Niantic
  • Sky Dancer by Pine Entertainment
  • Super Mario Run by Nintendo

Pokemon GO. No bet. We're done. It was so addictive and so popular last year, it's not even funny.

Best Science Fiction or Fantasy Board Game

  • Betrayal at House on the Hill: Widow’s Walk by Avalon Hill
  • Gloomhaven by Cephalofair Games
  • Hero Realms by White Wizard Games
  • Mansions of Madness (Second Edition) by Fantasy Flight Games
  • Scythe by Stonemaier Games
  • Terraforming Mars by Stronghold Games

Vox is behind Gloomhaven. So ... bet on that? I don't know. I haven't played any. I may not vote for them.

Best Science Fiction or Fantasy Miniatures / Collectible Card / Role-Playing Game

  • A Shadow Across the Galaxy X-Wing Wave X by Fantasy Flight Games
  • Bloodborne: The Card Game by CMON Limited
  • Dark Souls: The Board Game by Steamforged Games
  • Magic the Gathering: Eldritch Moon by Wizards of the Coast
  • Pulp Cthulhu by Chaosium
  • Star Wars: Destiny by Fantasy Flight Games

Again, not my scene.

Once again, I'd like to thank all of you folks in the fan base for chipping in in the first place, and coming out to vote. If you look at my two nominations with thoughts of "If I vote for him twice, will that be a problem?" No. If I get both wins, I'll give one to my co-author on UnSub. Assuming I get either.

If you don't want to try reading every single book on the list, you can vote below.

Remember, you may register to receive a ballot until Sunday, August 28th at 11:59PM. You must be submit your ballot by Tuesday, August 29th, 11:59 EDT

But if you want to vote NOW, vote here.


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  1. No. I didn't withdraw. People can vote for me. I just suggested that people who were torn vote for John, as he's likely to have a better chance.

    Really Riordan (Percy Jackson) or Maas (huge YA author) will probably win...but, you never know.


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