Saturday, August 5, 2017

Pre-Order Conclusion to the Dragon Award Nominated Series

Live and Let Bite is the second book of the Love at First Bite Series to be nominated for a Dragon Award. And yes, when half of my quartet is nominated for an award, it's the award nominated series. Brian Niemeier had gotten away with it when it was just Nethereal nominated.

So what does that mean?

It means business as usual.

Book four is coming.

Good to the Last Drop is almost here.

Yes, it's the last book. Marco and Amanda are going to have one last ride, and when I say that the armies of darkness are coming for them, I'm not exaggerating.

Of course, you know what it means when it's the end of a series, don't you?

That's right! It's time to up the body count!

For the Whedon fans out there, let's just say that it's time to .... Wash the cast.
The final war is about to begin, in this conclusion to the Dragon Award Nominated series

Merle Kraft, Marco Catalano and Amanda Colt have battled against the mythical Council, a supernatural conspiracy that monsters fear. This war has brought them up against vampires, minions, and demons from Hell.. Along the way, they have accumulated allies among the police, the military, the mafia, college students, lowly street gangs, and even other vampires.

Marco and Amanda have overcome their biggest terror -- their passion for each other.

But now, they face the final threat, one that is the culmination of every threat before them. This creature from Hell has powers beyond anything they’ve ever seen before, and has allies of his own: including SpecOps minions, an army of vampires, and packs of werewolves.

And that was before Marco got bit.
Yes, you read that right. Marco gets bit.

And if you think that's bad, remember what I do with my lycanthropes? That's right. They don't turn into what bit them. They turn into what best represents their dark side.

Just imagine what the physical manifestation of Marco looks like.

This ending is going to be epic.

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