Tuesday, August 1, 2017

The best of July 2017

It's the monthly (if I'm lucky) look back at our biggest hits this past month. I usually do this when ... I remember to, really. There are some months I won't bother -- if the biggest posts came from another month, or if there's a post that I'm just going to get flack for, I tend to not bother, and move on to something else. I usually have a lot of other things to deal with

This month is especially surprising in some ways. How? To start with, I only posted 23 blogs in July. Only 23. I usually shoot for 30 or better. Despite that, I've gotten over 22,000 hits this month. Yes, I know that's just under a thousand hits per blog ... but not all of the best viewed posts this month were even from this month.

Let's go through them briefly.

1) The Flight of Dragon Awards

Not a surprise, really. I only posted this one everywhere. Frankly, I hope that every person who read this post voted. The people who read that post are more than 10% of the folks who voted in Hugos of recent years.

2) Attacking Allies

This is where I go into either the cowardly, the idiotic, or stupid practices of politics, where infighting and ideological purity seems preferably to actually getting anything done. Yes, I do touch on my own case a bit here, but mine is only a small example of a much larger problem.

I shouldn't be surprised that this was a success. Politics, sex and comic books are usually my biggest hits on the blog. Pity I hate politics so much.

3) Fall TV, 2017

Also not a surprise. A lot of what's coming is in the territory of "please don't suck, please don't suck." Even though I'm almost certain it will.

If nothing else, we'll at least have Lethal Weapon coming back.

4) Building Character: Scott "Mossad" Murphy

Okay, I honestly don't know how this came to be such a popular post this month. I guess it's been so long since I discussed A Pius Man, and I have such audience in comparison that it was a curious title.

5)  Pius #PulpRevolution? Or Superversive?

For this one ... I'm actually a little surprised this didn't get more traction. Maybe I should have just used the #PulpRev hashtag in the title instead. Either way, it was an exploration into whether or not A Pius Man fit into the Pulp Revolution, mostly by going through two or three different posts on it.

Of course, my entire conversation on it was easily handled. I told Jon del Arroz about the post while I was writing it. He said, "Oh, it'd definitely Pulp. I knew that in the first few pages."


This one was basically just a quick review of all the books I've done, and the projects I have coming up. I was basically showing off.

Mostly brought to you by Larry Correia and Brian Niemeier for giving me the excuse to boast about just how much faster I write than George RR Martin.


7) Pius Writing

Another surprise, which is more like a very brief description about A Pius Man

In fact, it's so brief, I'm surprised I let it go that short.

Oh well.

8) The Catholic Geek: On Anthologies 06/18

This ... may not be as surprising as I'd usually think. My radio shows do better as shows on Blog Talk Radio than on the blog. But in this case, Jennifer Brozek was the editor of the shared world anthology, Jeff Sturgeon's Last Cities of Earth. Jennifer Brozek is a Hugo Award finalist and a multiple Bram Stoker Award finalist. So she came with her own audience.

9) Dragons and Puppies

This is the one post were I blink and go "Wait? What?"

I didn't quite realize at the time how much click bait the title was. Oops. I actually had people think that the puppies were something other than, well, puppies.

Some people do cat pictures. I prefer dogs.

10) #PulpRev, Astounding Frontiers, Trumptopia, and other updates

And... another list of everything I've got coming up.

And oy, do I have  alot coming up.

I know the phrase is "I'll stop when I'm dead," but I'd like the dead part to happen later, rather than sooner. Thanks.

I have no idea how this post got the traction it did over others. The Hashtag? The odd title? Who knows?

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