Tuesday, November 21, 2017

Crisis on Earth-X

Another four-part crossover. How bad will this suck?

Okay, it doesn't look too bad. I would call this game on account of "Nazis? Really? Again? Are they actually trying to virtue signal with this?" but there is at least one of the 52 universes where Nazis won World War II. I think it's called the Wolfenstein universe.

Also, they brought back Snart. From the dead. Again.... I'll take it. He might actually have a hope of saving Legends of Tomorrow, even though the show has become as stupid as their series name.

The action looks good -- as in they have any-- though I really want Hellboy to show up. Because it's DC Nazis, there should be Hellboy, damnit. Where's Ron Perleman? Time for him to suit up again.

I will watch the four part, though I haven't bothered with the other three series since the season began -- Arrow is the only one I'll tolerate regularly.

Will this suck?


... Damnit.


  1. Hellboy is Dark Horse. Mike Mignola creator owned. JSA was pretty much it for DC Nazis, but they could go with Sgt. Rock and the Howling commandos.

    Looks like they're riffing on the Elseworlds Red Son, or some Justice League animated.

    1. I'm actually going off of a Starman crossover with Hellboy and Batman, which I remember being some sort of DC variant.


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