Monday, November 6, 2017

Signal Boost: Silver Empire UF Giveaway

Russell Newquist of Silver Empire press is giving away 10 Urban Fantasy ebooks this week, and 2 signed paperbacks.

10  Urban Fantasy eBooks + 2 Signed Paperbacks!

The URL is: The books:

  • Beast Master by Shayne Silvers - plus SIGNED paperback! 
  • War Demons by Russell Newquist - plus SIGNED paperback! 
  • The Builder's Pride by J.A. Cipriano 
  • Devil's Descent by Percival Constantine 
  • A Game of Witches by Kit Hallows 
  • Fade by Daniel Humphreys 
  • Fae Generations by Tom Keller 
  • Death Mage by Brad Magnarella 
  • Skull Master by William Massa 
  • Underground Druid by M.D. Massey

For YOUR chance to sign up for these novels, just click here.

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