Tuesday, December 19, 2017

Love at First Bite is going to die

In case you haven't noticed, my Dragon Award nominated series, Love at First Bite is no longer on Kindle Unlimited.

In fact, very shortly, it's about to be pulled from shelves entirely. So get it while you can.

Why is it leaving?

Well, as you might remember, I hate marketing. I hate banging my head against a wall. I'd much rather just write books and move along. I will do what works. I'll put in as much effort as I can until it kills me.

But, frankly, my ability to even maintain the blog is starting to become a trial. So I'm going to unpublish the book series....

Then I'm going to let my publisher do the hard work.

Yes, that's right, Love at First Bite is going to be getting a publisher. The series will die, but you can't keep a good vampire down. The publisher is Silver Empire Press again, the people rereleasing my Pius novels.
we’ll be republishing Declan Finn‘s multiple Dragon Award nominated Love at First Bite series. For those of you who have already read the books, there won’t be much call to buy the new ones. We’re doing only the lightest of editing touches here. But we will be getting them all new covers and putting the marketing push behind them that these books deserve.

But wait, there’s more!

In addition to this excellent series, we’ve also commissioned Mr. Finn to create an entirely new Urban Fantasy series. We’re not ready to share the details on this just yet, except that I can say a few things. The book is set in New York, the city that Mr. Finn knows so well. It does have some of the religious elements his fans love so much. And it will proudly feature the insane action that we’ve all come to expect from Mr. Finn.

Also, the one-paragraph pitch that Mr. Finn gave me is the best book pitch I’ve ever heard. And the outline for book one more than lives up to that pitch. And… book one is already half done.

Expect this new series to go live right after we finish republishing Love At First Bite.
Yes, the book series, code named "The Patron Saint of Detectives" until we can get a better title, is coming along fairly nicely. I haven't managed to blow up anything yet, but give me time. I'll usually find a way.

Now, obviously, this is going to be a little strange as far as the schedule goes. Since everything Love at First Bite related will be pulled from the shelves by the end of January, or February at the latest, it seems unreasonable to expect another nomination at the Dragon Awards (this time, for Good to the Last Drop). If the book isn't on the shelves, hard to say "Read the book, then nominate it."

But yeah, I'm looking forward to a little less banging my head against a wall in the foreseeable future. 

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