Thursday, December 7, 2017

Politics Kills Mercedes Grabowski (August Ames)

Let me tell you about a girl. She was born Mercedes Grabowski. When she was 17 (maybe 18) in Canada, she tended bar to make ends meet. She also liked liked Justin Bieber, a comedian named Daryn Jones, and followed MTV Canada. There's no accounting for taste when you're a teenager, so there will be no jokes about Bieber or MTV.

As you can see from her photo on the right -- taken from her long-abandoned Twitter account of 2011, @MercedesGskiii-- she was a pretty girl, even underneath the photo filter.

Her career would be unconventional, to say the least.

In 2013, she entered the world of "adult entertainment."

IE: Porn.

Mercedes worked under the professional name of August Ames. Now I can't say that I'd be a particular fan of hers, were I a connoisseur of the genre. She seems a little augmented to me in many of her photos (see below pic). But, as you can see, left, she's a pretty girl.  She has pretty eyes and a nice smile.

Earlier this month, she declined a scene with a male actor who had done male-on -male porn. I'm specific about it because I cannot merely say say "gay porn"--Miss Grabowski has been with girls during her 4 year career, so calling her homophobic is insane.

Like I said, a bit augmented -- the lips.
Again, pretty eyes.
Earlier this week, she pointed out on Twitter that her issue in starring with a man who's done other men was a simple health concern. Apparently, (her argument went) unlike the heterosexual porn market, the male-male scene does not require blood screening, or heavily utilize condoms, so this has red flares going up all over the place as an STD warning. Growing up in a house of microbiologists, PAs, pathologists, and medical educators, I can't help but concur with her issues.

Miss Grabowski posted about this on Twitter at the start of the week.

SJW jerks lost their minds. How dare she not sleep with a bi man! How homophobic must she be! Again, this about a girl whose been with other girls, so they should check their privilege, namaste, yo, right?

But no, SJW trolls came up from under their bridges and tried to feast upon her soul. Even other members of her profession decided to virtue signal their little hearts out in an attempt to shame her into compliance.

Three days later, on December 6th, Mercedes Grabowski, aka August Ames, hanged herself.

She was 23 years old....

...One more time.

She was 23 YEARS OLD. And she gets driven to suicide by a bunch of mealy mouthed sons of bitches on the internet because she wouldn't sleep with who she was told?  Funny, ain't leftists supposed to be the party of "it's my body, nobody tells me what to do with it"? But oh no, refuse to sleep with a guy of the approved victim group, and they break out the torches and pitchforks. Gee, isn't the pro-porn argument that these are consenting adults who can sleep with who they like? Isn't the difference between porn and sex slavery HAVING A CHOICE IN THE MATTER? Isn't that the choice between porn and RAPE?

But it's Liberal Leftist jerks, they're "pro-choice," but make only the choices that they like, or to Hell with you. Literally.

I'm sorry, this pisses me off more than I can intellectually grasp. I don't think I could have picked her out of a line up if I passed her on the street, and I had to look up the details about her life so I could write this blog post. I knew nothing about her when I heard about her death, and this still makes me angry.

She was 23 years old, damn it.

She was a kid.

She was entering Kindergarten when I was entering college. Even if you don't approve of her profession, that's THE PROFESSION. Personally, I don't approve of the job. But I don't like the job of "politician" either. There's usually a good reason for people doing what they do. Miss Grabowski suffered from depression, according to her friends. For all I know, her career was self-medication. I neither know or care. It was her decision. Heck, I can think more than a few of her coworkers who retire, raise families, have careers, get degrees, and have a real life after porn.

But no, all those options are gone because SJW schmucks decided to pick on someone with her own mental health issues. Great. Just great. Hope they're proud of themselves.

She was a kid who was was maliciously hounded to death by creatures of the night who decided that her rights ended when they conflicted with the ideals of the shallow beasts who call themselves "Liberals," but wouldn't know anything about Liberty if it bit them on the ass.

Hell, I have seen more kindness and understanding and sympathy for this poor dead girl from her fans and some of her coworkers on Twitter than I have from the butthurt Leftists schmucks who drove her to it. In fact, I've seen some people online saying that they wished Miss Grabowski didn't kill herself because THEY HAD MORE TO EXPLAIN TO HER.

"I wish she didn't die, I could have talked down to her more."

What sort of inhuman monster does that?

And, of course, this was the same time period the #MeToo crowd was popular on the internet, and these same people Tweeting "#MeToo" .... were going to bully someone into sex she doesn't want to have. Nicely done, you leftist douche bags, you really are rape culture. Thumbs up, all the way.

Thankfully, those self-same asshats are busy crying "brutality" now that all of Miss Grabowski's fans know that she's dead, and who drove her to it. Fun fact: bullies don't like it when they get ganged up on and beaten like a drum. A gang-bang if you will.

I have friends who have stated that there will be criminal charges over this. Hopefully, there will be.

In his Inferno, Dante wrote that those people who drove people to despair were planted upside down, up to their ankles in in boiling excrement. This is why.

Surprisingly, Miss Grabowski was more forgiving than I would have been.

Pity she wasn't allowed to find any peace of her own.


  1. Social Media was such a great idea - stay in contact with far-flung friends, share pictures and stories, make new friends.

    Then crap like this started. People discovered they can spew hate from miles away. You can hate people you've never met, and you can tell them all about why you hate them and why they should die.

    I've noticed you see more/worse on platforms that don't require you to use your real name, but the Keyboard Kommandos are everywhere.

  2. This was a sick move provoked by sick people. That anyone is bragging about this is disgusting.

    I'll be praying for her.

  3. This is an excellent summary of an awful mob crime. I am trying as a Christian not to hate homosexuals. But the way they are behaving, and the vicious nature of so many now, is making it very tough. BTW, I just published a book "Bitter Rainbows: Pederasts, Politics and Hate-speech" Only available as an eBook at Amazon for now, but I have paperbacks and hope to find a distributor, or larger publisher if anyone will dare. We must fight this any way we can, because so many are being hurt, especially kids.

  4. Regarding the "rape culture" line, I've come to the conclusion that the left is it. Who else has put more effort into trivializing rape accusations? Proven-false accusations based on later regrets by the woman who initially willingly had sex with a man (can you say "Mattress Girl", or "Rolling Stone magazine"?), calling anything even remotely untoward as "rape" (including but not limited to "stare rape" and "fart rape" [no, I'm not making that up], or crass behavior like wolf whistles and passing lewd comments), throwing around rape accusations as political weapons when the timing makes it blatantly obvious (Moore), and attacking actual rape victims when the accused is a leftist (Clinton in particular), excusing or outright ignoring the behaviors of a culture where rape is grounds for the victim to be stoned to death, it all trivializes real rape (or "rape-rape", as Whoopi Goldberg put it in her defense of Roman Polanski's multiple-penetration rape of a drugged 13 year old girl) and makes it more difficult for true victims of actual sexual assaults to be even considered to be truthful.

  5. I dated Mercedes in late middle school. We lived in Colorado Springs, Co and attended Challenger Middle School together. She was a very sweet, mysterious, spontaneous, high energy individual. Without a doubt one of the sweetest souls I've ever met. Even back then there were rumors that something may have happened to her in her past. Well low and behold they were true.. unfortunately Mercedes was tortured by some sick fuck when she was a mere child. Her cries for help were ignored and seemingly drove her family apart. Her depression was very real. She truly was the happiest person when people were around and the saddest when alone. Her story is heartbreaking. I spoke to her after she moved to Canada a few times. Again once or twice more after she had achieved super stardom. It's tough to imagine the life you should have lived. Could have lived had some monster not poisoned you. Such a sweet soul..I'll never forget you Mercedes. Rest easy sweetheart... Goodnight..

    longer article about august ames, but worth reading

  7. I just wanna say it isn’t right to hate all homosexuals, cause Mercedes was bisexual. We just need to hate Jaxton Wheeler in perticular for killing her, while saying he’s doing something good, for the sake of homosexuals all over the world.

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