Friday, December 29, 2017

The Complete Works of Declan Finn (2017)

In July, it occurred to me that I published my first book in 2012. And I had come out with quite a few things since then.

And since then, I've come out with even more. Yikes.

It's gotten to the point where I need a chart for me to keep track of.

And we start with...

If this looks strangely unfamiliar to you, it's because Dawn Witzke redid the cover....

Because she really wanted the last one to go.

If you don't recall, It was Only on Stun! introduces the professional security specialist Sean A.P. Ryan being dumped head first into an SFF convention, and he is hip deep in nerds, genocidal madmen, terrorists, IRA gunmen, and a cartel that has a grudge with him.

Then I did A Pius Legacy, then A Pius Stand, which have been picked up from the publisher, to be rereleased. So there's no link. But Legacy will be back in January, and Stand in February.

Then there was Pius History and Pius Tales -- basically, the footnotes and the short stories. These were also pulled from the shelves in order to be rereleased by a publisher. But I ended up with 5 books of The Pius Trilogy. Because I'm apparently doing the Dune trilogy.

If you're new here, The Pius Trilogy is my answer to every crackpot psychopath who thinks they can jam history into a thriller so they can spread whatever Orwellian rewrite of history they like among the populous. In this case, there's a secret about the Catholic church that people are willing to kill to cover up. The only question is: who do you trust?

Then, in a post-Pius universe...

This is the return of Sean AP Ryan, after he appears in Pius, and it's more of a postscript to Pius than it is a sequel to Stun! This time, Sean ends up in the political end of the SFF spectrum, hip deep in lunatics, armed authors, all set in the city of Atlanta for WyvernCon.

And this is the companion piece. Sort of.

Long long story.

And with mustn't forget my solution to dystopias ... with gun fire.

And, of course, the series everyone likes....

Love at First Bite

Take everything from Dracula about vampires.

Add philosophy and microbiology to explain how vampires work.

Add faith, redemption, a love story, Vatican ninjas, and lots of gunfire.

My first Dragon Award nominated work. For best horror, as it says on the cover.

Kick ass vampire.

A romance that works.

Three-dimensional characters, even among the side characters. 

And then there's Vatican ninjas.

Obviously, the sequel to Honor at Stake.

Take everything from book one... add in a demon that just won't die.

Live and Let Bite

Book three of the vampire series.

The 2017 Dragon Award Nominee for best horror.

And there are some shorts....

And, of course, my nonfiction.

And, of course, we can't forget the short that appeared here.

And we can't forget the other anthologies


Don't let the title or cover fool you. This is straight up strange. It's not propaganda, since we have essays, and some stories with a simple moral of "Let's calm down here, shall we?"

And then...

So, 15 books, two short stories, published in a Pulp magazine, and four anthologies-- TO DATE. Not bad for a five year run

But wait, there's more!

I've been accepted to the following anthologies thus far.
8 anthologies next year ... that I know of

I've already got a three murder mysteries nearly done, so they'll be out in 2018.

I've got another project for Silver Empire press due out in September 2018

The Witzke / Finn Dark Court project, TBD.

So, God willing, by the end of 2018, I'll have 20 books published, and be in 12 anthologies, total. And that's assuming nothing else pops up.

Not bad for a start.

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