Friday, December 15, 2017

The Top 11 Catholic Geek Radio shows

Since the radio show is back on the air, it's probably time to once again look at the best of the program.

This is not going to be a voter show, or my personal favorites. This is based solely on the episodes you, my listeners, tuned in to hear.

Why top 11? Because I like to go one step beyond.

11) Fred Hembach on Alternate History (11/01/2015)
I'm fairly surprised that this made it into the top anything. Not because that Fred is a bad guest, but because he didn't show up -- meaning I was the only one talking for most of the time, aside from one call-in guest.

10) God, Robot, the panel (5/15/2016)
Not surprising that this one makes the top ten, this had everybody: the Marchettas, Josh Young, John C. Wright and L. Jagi Lamplighter, Steve Rzasa, and even Vox Day.

9) Honor at Stake and Sad Puppies Bite Back (1/31/2016)
This one is ... strange. Most of this was just me doing readings from my various projects at the time. It was only 40 minutes long. Who knew?

8) Animal Farm with Cats (2/28/2016)
Kia Heavey discussed her book Domino. It helps that she brings her own audience.

7) Live with Jeffro Johnson, (1/22/2017)
Is anyone surprised? Author of Appendix N, then the author of the Castalia House blog. I'm not surprised at all.

6) Catholic Geek Radio with Lamplighter and Wright, (2/26/2017)
John and Jagi came on and hosted the show themselves. Awesome, isn't it? Again, not surprising. John and Jagi are in THREE of the top 6 shows of all time. How's that for an audience grabber?

5) Synods and Starships, (11/08/2015)
My show, guest-hosted by Matthew Bowman, the Novel Ninja, who brought in some heavy Catholic hitters.

4) With John C. Wright and L. Jagi Lamplighter, (7/12/2015)
The first appearance on the show, they came on to discuss the Superversive literary movement, and some of their projects. I had no idea what I was in for.

3) Chasing Freedom, (1/24/2016)
Marina Fontaine came on to discuss her Dragon Award nominated novel, Chasing Freedom.

#2) John C Wright's Iron Chamber of Memory, (5/01/2016)
I don't need to explain this part, obviously.

#1) Sad Puppies 4, the Embiggening, from 1/10/2016
Starring Tom Knighton, this was during the final Puppies campaign, but almost a year and a half before we knew it was going to be the final campaign. Knighton lays out a history of the Hugos, the Puppies, and everything in between. 

Now that we're back, let's see if we can make 2018 interesting


  1. I will have to listen to all of these if I can. (Computer problems, also must DO stuff once in a while.)

  2. Your number one "best seller" episode should tell you that people like to hear your rants. I suggest that you make a section of your podcast for ranting and have listeners send in topics. Maybe even have a vote on your blog.


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