Thursday, December 14, 2017

Where's the radio show?

I needed a break back in September.

I didn't really get it.

Edits came back on two different projects at the same time. Then three different projects.

Since I wasn't allowed to rest, or break, I decided, Hell, I'll do the radio show. Why not, right? What's the harm?

And then, the lead schmuck on one of the projects I was on tried to dictate to me who I should have on my show. Not "Oh, you might want to add X or Y," no, that would have been generous. This schmuck decided that he was the only one I needed on my show. He was the only person I needed to hear from on a project with over a dozen authors. After all, he's the editor, he knows what to do and how to speak for everyone.

Now, keep in mind, I pride myself on being very generous with my show. It is the show for my guests. My guests come on, and they can play until their hearts are content. This doesn't work very well when there are some panels of guests where one person talks over everybody, but I have a workaround for that in the future. Generally, everyone has their say, and everyone can talk until they talk themselves out... hasn't happened yet.

But this dickhead, telling me who I can have on my show? No. I'm not having any of it. I canceled the show right there. I didn't tell the authors about that, but he was kind enough to hit "reply all" to that email. Several authors told me that they figured it out all on their own.

Later, I didn't feel too bad, as this same dickhead did the same thing on at least one other podcast that I know of. Because I wasn't invited on that one either... Okay, I was invited on the podcast, but only after the podcast was an hour in, and this self-important jackass decided that he had better things to do after an hour, and I was contacted as a last-minute fill in. Oops, sorry, I made other plans, and no one considered asking me to be a stand by in case this moron fell through.

But that was pretty much the point where I decided, "Why am I bothering? It eats up time that I don't have."

But now, I have a reason to bother.

This Sunday, The Catholic Geek is back, with our returning guest, Moira Greyland, on her book The Last Closet, out now.


  1. I was wondering about your show, look forward to hearing it.

  2. Great to have you back. Been waiting for the show to return.


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