Wednesday, January 3, 2018

2017 #YearInReview

2017 was strange. 

Forget that it was the year everyone went insane and stayed that way -- 2018 has gotten off to an equally bizarre start.

Professionally, this year was awesome. I did three conventions. I've published two novels, a third was rereleased, and I've been in four anthologies and a magazine. 

2018 will be even better-- 6 more anthologies, I'm going to be an editor (more on that in the future) and the majority of the novels I've written will be rereleased through a publisher. 

Personally, things were strange. Got a girlfriend. Yay. 

Then a crowd of people I hung out with all went mad. People who I defended, supported, and personally vouched for stabbed me in the back. And decided to spread some pretty hilarious rumors about me. 

2018 should be interesting. I'm hoping to hear back from another publisher about a project I've been working on my entire life. The worst that can happen is that I bounce it off of three other companies. But I'm hopeful.

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