Tuesday, January 16, 2018

The Story of Moira Greyland continues

In case you haven't heard, Moira Greyland Peat, the daughter and prey of author Marion Zimmer Bradley, wrote a book about her life with the monsters who spawned her in The Last Closet: The Dark Side of Avalon.
Marion Zimmer Bradley was a bestselling science fiction author, a feminist icon, and was awarded the World Fantasy Award for lifetime achievement. She was best known for the Arthurian fiction novel THE MISTS OF AVALON and for her very popular Darkover series.

She was also a monster.

THE LAST CLOSET: The Dark Side of Avalon is a brutal tale of a harrowing childhood. It is the true story of predatory adults preying on the innocence of children without shame, guilt, or remorse. It is an eyewitness account of how high-minded utopian intellectuals, unchecked by law, tradition, religion, or morality, can create a literal Hell on Earth.

THE LAST CLOSET is also an inspiring story of survival. It is a powerful testimony to courage, to hope, and to faith. It is the story of Moira Greyland, the only daughter of Marion Zimmer Bradley and convicted child molester Walter Breen, told in her own words.
The Last Closet: The Dark Side of Avalon by [Greyland, Moira]This is not usually the bright cheery and sunshiny thing that I have the tendency to recommend.

Now, the nice thing about Moira is that she's sane. She will occasionally mention on Facebook that she occasionally suffers panic attacks. I suspect that is the basic minimum of reactions to being used as a sex toy by both parents from the age of preschool onward.

When I interviewed her on this topic the first time, before the book came out, she was very matter of fact about all of this. She was straightforward, and delivered an R rated topic in PG terms.

So, of course, as she's taken several sacred cows and turned them into hamburger, those people who used to worship said cows are upset.

It's interesting, and darkly amusing to see the same people who cry #MeToo on Twitter turn to Moira and go #NoNotYou.

In unveiling the child molestation of Marion Zimmer Bradly, Moira has unnerved a lot of "feminists" who used The Mists of Avalon as a template for their ideology. Also leftists in SF.

Moira also pissed off the LGBTQ movement by noting that both of her parents, both of whom were gay advocates, were child molesters. And, as her parents would screw anything with human anatomy (I have not read the book, so I presume that bestiality was one of the few vices they did NOT cultivate) they were at least bisexual, if not pansexual, supersexual, and whatever sexual is left that means "total slut." Funny enough, as a result, Moira is not a fan of most of the gay social agenda we've been seeing ... perhaps because her entire exposure to the gay agenda can be summed up in court transcripts.

For this, she's been labeled a "homophobe." Because, you know, being raped repeatedly by two Bs from LGBTQRS for over a decade is just such a positive experience.

Hell, I'm surprised she doesn't have an actual allergic reaction.

Is the stupid starting to burn yet?

Add to this the latest issue: pagans are upset with her because Moira highlights that she was used as a party favor, given to a friend of the family called Isaac Bonewits (Pronounced bon-a-witz). Who the Hell is Bonewits? A Pagan Pope, if you will, founder of a Druid "fellowship." So, yeah, now there are pagans are apparently losing their minds over it. I don't think any of my pagans have issues with her, since the pagans I know tend to be Norse.

But the more I look at all of this the more I wonder at the fragility of these people who go AWOL as Moira unveils the rot behind the curtain. Splash some BBQ slash on the sacred cow, watch them all lose their minds.

You know, when I studied and dissected the life and times of Eugenio Pacelli before and after he became Pope Pius XII, I was quite ready to string him up and burn him in effigy if I proved to myself that he was just as bad as certain "historians" said he was. Why didn't that disturb me to deep dive? Because if it turned out he was a schmuck, that just proves that he was a schmuck. It didn't disprove anything about Catholic dogma, philosophy, theology, or my own personal faith. This meant I could do my research without worry, and do the graduate paper that would become A Pius Man: A Holy Thriller.

But these people? Their very way of life relies on their idols being perfect. Finding a dent in the gold calf du jour means that their entire life is meaningless. Therefore, denting the calf means that the worshipers freak out, foam billowing from their mouths as they grind their teeth and come howling for your blood.

That's one of the nice things about Catholicism. We start with the premise that, no, we're not perfect, but thankfully, God is, and we don't have to worry all that much about not being worthy to perform services. But Leftists don't have that comfort. They rarely, if ever, hold to a deity that is a Deity. They would sooner worship the golden calf instead of the Lamb of God. The Left's usual golden calf is, of course, socialism -- a Godless and godless system. The only problem with these systems is that they really only work is everyone is a good, pure, just human being.

Obviously, this doesn't end very well.

But this is what happens when the philosophies of the Left are really just cults of personalities. When the cult leader is found to be not just imperfect, but a monster ... well then, just what sort of monster are you for following along? (Answer: You may not be)

Instead of asking that question, they hide from the answer, and form a lynching party for a blonde harpist who decided that she'd rather not be a victim.

Who knew that self-reflection would be that difficult?


  1. Wow!

    You nailed it dude....


    Σοφία Χαρις Αγάπη Δόξα

    Feast of the Holy Ascension, 2018AD

  2. Amazing article! I am half way through Moors Greyland's book and I am so overwhelmed by all her parents did to her, her brothers and so many others! Living without the fear of the Lord and trying to destroy so many lives! I praise God she has the courage to write this memoir, as well as the courage to marry, co-create life, and shine in her musical talents! Only through the power of Jesus Christ! I pray she has continued deeper healing!

  3. Her life, her suffering and her book are the perfect rebuttal to the homosexual/gender queer propaganda. So brave in the face of such evil!!

  4. What Moira went through sounds absolutely horrific, I'm glad she had the courage to come forward, and I wish her healing in every sense of the word. With that said, I find it very sad that the abuse she suffered has resulted in her blaming entire groups of people: Those who lean left politically, Pagans, LGBTQ people and their allies, they're all apparently guilty for the monstrous acts of her parents and would support them. And that's simply not true. I lean left politically, I'm Wiccan, I support LGBTQ rights, and I wholeheartedly condemn the actions of her parents and know plenty of others in these communities who would as well. What Bradley and her husband did was evil. And the evil they committed was theirs and no one else's. Demonizing others for individuals' crimes is, in my opinion, wrong, and counterproductive to the healing process: It keeps the abused trapped in victimhood and leaves the door open for more people to be abused. Those are my thoughts, and I hope Moira finds enough peace to realize that within the groups she now hates, there are people whose hearts go out to her with nothing but compassion and well-wishes. Love and light.

    1. You took the words right out of my mouth.

    2. Thank you. Agreed, don't lump child molesters with the left, and we won't label all conservatives as genocidal fascists, okay?

    3. Most genocidal fascists are Leftists.
      Mao, Stalin, Che, Castro ...

    4. And how many right-wing people will you find in NAMBLA, motto "eight is too late"?

      Most "right" leaning people hold that any such pedophilia etc. is disgusting and therefore would tolerate none of this.

    5. Is that why right-leaning people defended Dennis Hastert and Roy Moore?


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