Monday, January 29, 2018

What I'm working on 1: Tales of White Ops

I recently ran a poll past my Facebook group, Finn's Firebrands, asking what they want to see more of.

The winner was more about what I'm writing.

I'm working on three things right now.

So, step one is actually the first thing I ever worked on.

It's a space opera centered around space Templars. It's born of a visit to the planet Earth, where aliens named the Renar met an interesting PMC, whose philosophy is simple: find those who prey on the weak, beat them up and take their lunch money. The Renar adapted the concept to their own culture.... Because that's never happened before (except for most of Japanese culture, which was taken from somewhere else. I think they may have invented "cultural appropriation"). The Renar only accepted the best, most qualified members of any race who could gain entry. They're basically Special Forces, only more picky.

Eventually, the Earth organization the Renar stole it from, (a family run business) moved off world, and ran alongside the Renar organization. The human end of it is respected and allowed a lot more latitude, as it is the founding concept.

The Renar called their organization and their members the totentanzers.  Literally it translates as "dancers with death." A more flexible translation is "sentinels against death."

The English translation is Rangers: Because there are only a hundred law and military organizations of the same name. It's fairly ubiquitous.

But the human end of the "company" of Rangers is incorporated with the others. And it starts with one man, who runs it as a family business. He grew up with the family money (which is about four hundred years of investments on a starting capital of a billion dollars), and started training from insanely young. He was heir to the family fortune, only the rest of the family didn't come with it. He grew up in a religious monastery, the Holy Order of Saint Patrick, in Ireland. They happened to run the Interstellar Renaissance Faire, which has taken to incorporating every alien military style ever. Add a physique about two meters tall and one wide, an eidetic memory, you have one interesting badass.

But when a minor threat to the Renar graduates from nuisance to genuine threat, making leaps and bounds in technology that seem impossible, said badass smells a rat. There's something out there using this "minor" threat into a litmus test to see who in the galaxy can stop them. If there are any victors, they are to be suborned or destroyed.

So the Rangers need a team from the existing Ranger corps, only the best. Within this group of the elite, this would contain only the top ten percent. It's a small group, meant to perform strikes against this new enemy, wherever and whatever it might be.

And this team is called White Ops.

This project is currently under review with Christopher Kennedy's publishing company -- the man you brings you Mark Wandrey's Cartwright's Cavaliers. I ran it past Baen, but they gave me a strange rejection of "Unfortunately, again we will not be able to find a place for it in our lineup." Which is an odd rejection. I'm happy with "It sucks, thanks."

And since I plan to be rejected by everyone, I'm going to use any free time I have (Ha. Free time.) to clean up books 2 and 3. That way, while I'm waiting for rejection from Kennedy, I can have three books to run past, and be rejected by, Vox Day. Then I can be rejected by Superversive.

You're wondering why I'm not running this first past my primary publisher, Silver Empire and Russell Newquist? Russell already has 9 books coming out from me this year, and he wants more of a focus on urban fantasy. I figure by the time I get rejected by all of the above, Russell's schedule might clear up enough to take a crack at it, and see if he wants to expand to another genre.

If everything gets rejected, I figure I could have five books ready to go by the start of 2019, and they can come out once a month. Or as fast as Dawn can pump out covers.

Non illegitimi carborundum.

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