Tuesday, January 30, 2018

What I'm working on 2: The Ri

I'm so going to have to have a conversation with Dawn about the title. In the current environment, it almost sounds like REEEEEEE.


This one is about the fae of New York City. Not the fairies -- those live over in Greenwich Village. We're talking more Jim Butcher's fae, only the lines are a lot less blurry between the two sides.

This project is more Dawn Witzke's baby, and we're about 30 chapters in by the time of this writing. It's a YA project, and we're going back and forth, so between her schedule and mine, it's slow going.

Simple premise: boy meets girl from opposite fae courts. Both are adopted. He knows what he's doing. She doesn't.  He's a human, she's ... unknown. One side wants her back at any cost, and the other wants to protect her from the other, just to protect her.

Hilarity ensues.

This one has been an odd experience. Largely because I'm used to just sitting down, pounding out a novel until I stop for the day, then repeat. Waiting on someone else, working on other projects, then coming back to the original project is new for me.

It's even more interesting when I'm looking at the outline and thinking, "Hey, I can do the next three chapters without working very hard. I'll do three of these at a clip."

Because if I'm not working, what the hell am I doing?

Probably to no one's surprise, that's why when I have blogs come out, they come out in blocks. I write several of them at one time.

If I recall correctly, once we're done with the project, Dawn will be shopping it around. As she's the lead on this one, she gets to have that joy. I'm a little busy on a few other things. Here and there.

Non Illegitimi carborundum.

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