Monday, February 12, 2018

SIGNAL BOOST: Planetary, Venus

Planetary: Venus by [Freeman, A. M. , Hallquist, David, Brumley, Bokerah , Antonelli,  Lou , Foster, Monalisa , Willett, Edward , Burnett, Misha , Finn, Declan , St Aubin, Margot, Witzke, Dawn ]
So, here we are again, yet another volume from the Planetary Anthology series is out: Venus.

To start with, yes, I'm also in this one as well.

What the Hell am I doing in this one? Venus is about romance and lovey dovey crap. When I announced that I was editing the volume on the Moon, I had several people joke that my editorial notes will focus on "Where are the explosions!?"

.... Which hasn't happened.

.... Yet. I'm not Michael Bay, after all. I have plots.

But for those who have read my novels, there will be a constant trend: there's almost always a romance. Yes, I am a romantic sap. If you'd like to have that conversation with me, I will happily meet you in a dark alley with my tactical batons.


Part of my trend around writing romantic subplots (if not straight up romances) is that I have long come to the conclusion that if I'm going to read romance done right, I will almost universally have to do it myself. So, of course I had to add my own two cents to Venus.

The flap copy reads:
Venus, the second planet from the sun, a world of sulfurous gas and tremendous temperatures where the landscape features—mountains and valleys—are all named for love goddesses. Venus herself is the goddess most known for allure and romance.

Here are twenty stories featuring Venus, the planet, the goddess, or just plain love—both romantic and otherwise. Planetary Fiction explores the themes associated with these heavenly bodies as well as their astronomical, mythological, and in some cases even alchemical significance.
[Head tilt]. I'm going to have to ask who writes the flap copies. I know the editors, April Freeman and Jagi, and this doesn't sound like her.

Anyway, the authors include
A. M. Freeman (Editor, Venus, Author, Forbidden Thoughts)
David Hallquist (editor, Mercury)
Bokerah Brumley (who has been on my show),
Lou Antonelli (Dragon Award nominated author, Another Girl, Another Planet)
Edward Willett (Author)
Misha Burnett (Author, and he's good people),‎
Margot St Aubin (Author and friend)
Dawn Witzke (Author, friend, and artist for most of my good covers)
And me.

Yes, I know there are 20 stories, and these aren't even ten authors, but those are the only ones listed on the Amazon page. And I would have sworn that Jagi was in this one. Huh.

So if you want a new anthology collection, here we go: Venus.

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