Tuesday, March 13, 2018

Amazon War II

Here's the good news.

It seems that all of the reviews that I've written have come back.

No warning, and barely a notice from Amazon.

.... Okay. Thanks. That's nice. I guess.

Would any of you f**kers like to tell me WHY IT HAPPENED IN THE FIRST PLACE?

In other news, I've been looking into the rest of the situation, with the reviews posted to my books. Using Honor at Stake as a baseline, I've gotten four back. Looking at the rest of my reviews overall, of the 77 that went up in a puff of smoke, I've had nine restored overall.

.... That's nice, but can I have the rest back?

Right now, the best guess I've seen has been from CF yesterday (in the comments) that suggested Amazon might think I was a paid reviewer. If you applied that to everyone else I run into, that would be interesting ... also, highly suspicious.

I don't think the remaining missing reviews are all from acquaintances, or even Facebook people -- in fact, I'm certain they're not. Either way,

Dear Amazon, just explain. If it's a screw up, explain it. Finn's law states one should never attribute to malice what can be adequately attributed to stupidity ... but in this case, malice is a serious concern. And since we haven't seen this happen in a wide circle OUTSIDE of CLFA, stupidity seems unlikely.

I would ask once more if anyone could report here about any reviews of theirs that have been purged. I would like to know the extent of this problem. If this is a glitch, Amazon should be aware of it. If it's malice, and they'll only put reviews back when their hands have been caught in the cookie jar, when Amazon should be made aware that people are paying attention.


  1. I can confirm one review I left for someone else's book is gone. And I appear to have two reviews left for my books that are still gone.

    On the flip side, your review of Escaping Infinity has finally been restored.

  2. All the reviews I wrote are back again. It took two days, but here we are.


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