Tuesday, April 17, 2018

The Moon Anthology is Closed

How many people remember high school group projects?

You know what I mean: when the teacher assigns everyone to work on a bit of homework, to be turned in on a date, and everyone's grade is going to be the same, no matter the effort everyone put into it. It's a great example of why socialism is a failure: one person might put in 100% of the effort, and everyone else would just blow it off and ride the coattails of the smartest person in the group.

Most of my friends just happened to be that one person in the group, and would take over any group project, almost entirely out of self defense. I was like that too.

So, when I handed in a schedule for the Moon anthology to Superversive Press, I said I would have all of the stories collected by April 16th. When I invited authors to join the anthology -- authors like Jody Lyn Nye and Brad Torgersen -- that's the date I gave them.

But you might remember that I publicly posted that the Moon anthology was due in on April 1st. Why the discrepancy? I remembered the group projects, and I knew that several people would turn in a project AFTER the last possible minute.

But now, the last of the stories are in. And have we got an awesome lineup.

Obviously, we're not entirely done with the process. Some stories can be further edited, which will allow us to squeeze in more stories, which will eventually dictate the final lineup.

Right now, the preliminary list looks like seven dragon award finalists with ten nominations and a win between them, as well as two NY Times bestselling authors.

So, not a bad start.

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