Tuesday, May 15, 2018

Correia was Ringoed

Way back when, the Democrats destroyed the career of Robert Bork, a man who was Harvard Law, and was a nominee for the Supreme Court. The latter was worth destroying him over. They dug up every ounce of dirt they could find, and when they couldn't find, they created.

"To Bork" someone became a political verb.

Once again, SF fandom is trying to make another name into a verb: To Ringo someone -- to get a conservative uninvited from conventions they were already invited guests at.

Thanks to ConCarolinas caving into the SJW lynch mob of Facebook (or maybe they just gave them something to hang their hat on, who knows?) when they uninvited John Ringo, the SJWs think they can do the same thing to Larry Correia.

This time, the convention is Origins Game Fair.

Apparently, this was posted before Larry was contacted -- not to ask him about what's real and what's not, but just to tell him of their decision.

Their announcement?

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Heh heh heh. No, "we don't want controversy."  In which case, Ward is in for a really crappy couple of weeks. Maybe months.
Yes, they don't want discourse. God forbid anyone there think!

And by the way, you meant "ReSCIND" Mr, Ward....

So, how do you want to read this?

Is this "OMG, we have a raving pack of fringe leftist psychopaths telling us that Larry Correia is a homophobic / racist / Nazi / wife abuser" BS that we've seen since Sad Puppies first began?  Or is this "Our true believers have informed us that he is a thought criminal / conservative and we should ban him?"

And, let's break this down a little....
  • What are these "personal views," Ward? [I'm sorry, did I just presume your gender?]
  • Is this the Straw Larry so hated by the "TruFen"? 
  • Did you actually ask Larry about ... anything? No, you didn't.
  • Hope you enjoy a weekend of processing refund requests.

To quote Ringo: Get woke, go broke.

Though to be honest, I was sort of surprised this even worked once, on Ringo. He's a bestselling author. He doesn't need the PR by going to cons. He goes to have fun and hang out. Larry too is also at the level where con appearances can only help the con, not himself.

But hey, it makes the SJWs feel good. It makes them think that they're getting something done. I suppose that pointing out to people that this will only force Larry to have more free time is a waste of time.

Now, I'm not going to suggest sending an email to GoDaddy about how the originsgamefair.com site is being used by John Ward to defame Larry Correia. 

....Though you can email at abuse@godaddy.com, and send something like, oh, I don't know....

Dear GoDaddy Abuse,

I wanted to write to let you all know that the individual known as "John Ward" who is listed as the sole contact for the domain "originsgamefair.com" is using his domain to target and harass a "person of color" named of Larry Correia (who's Portuguese). He is using the email associated with the site to post on Facebook and are attempting to damage his livelihood and reputation with baseless attacks he does not source, and refuses to elaborate on the removal of Larry as a guest at an event. As "John Ward" is the sole contact for the account, the use of "originsgamefair.com" is 
clearly an arm of the attacks on Mr. Correia. Larry. I do not know what you can do to stop this abuse but I am hoping there is something.

Thank you for your help!


I mean, that would be strange, right?

And after all, would it do any good to contact Mr. John Ward at the Game Manufacturers Association, 240 North Fifth Street, Columbus, OH 43215, Company Phone: 614-255-4500, extension 102?

Maybe it would.

I mean, it's not like they violated their own code of conduct of anything ... okay, they did, but these are SJWs here! It's not like they have to play by their own rules. Their rules are for little people. Like you. 

I'm sure that's not something you'd want to tell them, is it?

Hell, you know how deranged this is? This punched a hole in reality, and we apparently either had Twitter interference from an alternate dimension, or Cat Rambo had something warp her brain enough so that she made a sane statement on social media.

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So that's bizarre. 

And, yes, Cat has it right. Larry was announced as the GUEST OF HONOR.

Even better, he was announced as the GOH the exact same day they yanked him. It happened within hours.

I'd love to see what this is going to do to their attendance in the next two years.

The question I have? Who's next?

Huh... You know, I'm going to be an attending professional at DragonCon this year. (Yes, really.) I look forward to seeing what bullshit awaits us there, too.

Speaking of which....

The Dragons are coming.

If you don't have your ballot filled out already (either IRL or in your head,) here's my list. It includes the lists of other people, so there are options.

Just remember to vote.



  1. Here's the thing, John Ringo was doing a favor for ConCarolinas. He doesn't need the hassle of a long trip, or TSA ridden plane flight. But he respects his fans and was willing to help out the concom. And was even willing to give the con an out by withdrawing when the social justice bullies made A-holes of themselves and threatened the con with all sorts of dire predictions about violence that they just might bring to the convention.
    So now the same bullies thing they won and of course had to double down with Origins and Larry Correia. The thing to do is make it clear to all involved that this is all on the bullies and a weasely concom, not on Larry.

    1. In the case of ConCarolinas, he was doing them a favor ... and when they posted on it, the wording made it looked like he was the problem. It read as less "we gave you a-holes what you want" (which would have been fine) and read more like "that a-hole Ringo is gone." That's the point where I draw the line.

      And Ward seems to be boasting about taking out Larry, and being smug about it, so, eh, screw him.

  2. Minor nit: it's "rescind". Great post, BTW.

  3. I did send an email to Go daddy about TOS violations. No reply as yet.

  4. BTW, here's what Correia said back in 2014 to cause such upset now: http://monsterhunternation.com/2014/08/19/no-tor-com-gencon-isnt-racist-a-fisking/


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